2014 Release: God's Kingdom Rules. 6,000+ years to set up a Kingdom that still isn't here? Really?

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  • truthseeker

    I was having a quick look through the new release and couldn't help thinking there is something really wrong here.

    Humans can set up a "kingdom" in a relatively short time. Americans select their President every four years. The English Monarchy has been in place for over a thousand years, yet the Watchtower says Jehovah has been working on setting up his kingdom for 6,000 plus years and it still isn't here.

    Does anyone see that there is something seriously wrong with this picture?

    Why does it take Jesus so long to set up a Kingdom?


    It's because there is no 'Jesus' and there is no 'Kingdom'. It's all made-up nonsense.

  • steve2

    Well, there's choosing the right colour schemes for the mansions, to say nothing of getting the fabric for the throne just right. Then there is the heavenly garb for those who will be standing at the right hand of God. To you, these sorts of finer details may seem trifling, but for those with an awareness of the need to give these climactic occasions maximum impact, many, many hundreds of years of forethought, planning and rehearsing are required. The mistake made by impatient dooms sayers like Russell, Rutherford, Knorr, Franz and others was - as men on missions are prone to do - they fail to think through all the behind-the-scenes work required in setting up the Kingdom. The fact nothing has yet happened is God's way of saying, "When I'm good and ready - and not before."

    Remember too, when it finally happens, man, you just don't want a single thing to be out of place or appear unrehearsed. Not a good look, whether on earth or in heaven.

    I'm a fuss pot myself, and when I'm hauled before the throne to be dished out all manner of gruesome judgements, if I notice that the fabric on the throne clashes with Christ's heavenly garb, the whole sense of drama will evaporate. What an anticlimax that will be! Hence, God who is sensitive to Impression Management 101, will likely spend a few hundred extra years ordering the angelic forces to go through the whole thing several more times to be absolutely and divinely certain it will go without a hitch.

  • smiddy

    As I have said before , Jesus Christ has had 2000 years to prepare for his kingdom to 1914 , then 100 years of actual rule to 2014 ,and accomplishig

    SFA . He should be sacked .


  • quellycatface

    Their waiting for a skip.

  • jookbeard

    this stupid kingdum is like searching for the preverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

  • steve2

    Hasn't happened for such a long, long time? Sometimes you gotta take a laxative to get things moving. I guess God's no different.

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