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  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    I was reminded by this weeks wt study of Hab. 1:2,3. While in the fs as a JW we are trained to look for those sighing and groaning much like Habakkuk. Is it not this same group, ones dissatisfied except with the wbts, that we might best be able to reach and wake up to ttatt. These would be the people that really care about the folks jehovah intends to wipe out on his great day, and not under the fake happiness cult spell. What do think Focus, a new class for you?



  • Focus

    What is Truth: lol, why not? An updated Double-Barrelled List of Known Watchtower Ranks and Classes may be due.

    However, you first need to Google for the aircraft carrier USS Platts. It is a Habbakuk Class of ship.



    ("Waterboard the GB!" Class)

  • Mum

    I misread your post, but I think what I replied is worth saying anyway. Here it is:

    It's quite simple: the disenfranchised are vulnerable. When people are "sighing and crying," it is probably because they have trouble being able to feed their families and just survive in general. These people are sitting ducks for spiritual charlatans. A lot of people have been lonely and depressed when a JW knocks at their door and starts the fairy tales.

    Now to the real post: If people are unhappy with their life in the borg, they are brainwashed and fearful. They may be even harder to reach in some cases because of that fear and cognitive dissonance.

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