JWs and Domestic Violence

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  • lambsbottom

    So I had a conversation with my mate. I was telling her the following though I had:

    I used to say, and often hear, JWs say "Where else are we to go?"

    Why is this such a horrible way to justify something?

    Well, I had a father that abused my mother for their entire marriage. And, I have seen the parallels between spiritual abuse and domestic abuse/violence. I know that my mom would reason the same way. "Where else/what would I do?" was a common co dependent justification of her staying with my father.

    Don't JWs do the same thing? Think about it! I know that there are many JWs that dont give a flip about the blood issue. But, they stay.

    They were led astray with statements like "face the fact...you will not grow old in this system of things. But, they stay.

    I could go on and on. And you know what? It sounds like a helpless, abused, wife making excuses for why to stay with the abuser.

    There is a fine line between staying when it is small church disputes that happen often in churches of "christendom". Its another thing when the WT told people they would be endangering their kids salvation with blood transfusions and now they look like they want to drop that (but they can't because $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

    Anyway, maybe I should write a book. Feels so good to be free!

    I have advice for the all the lurkers that have woken up. Do what Im doing now, that I should have done 2 years ago. Take a couple months with no religion, just prayer. Be careful reading the Bible during this time. I believe it is God's word, but when I read it, all I think of is WT doctrine (sad). I'm sooooo screwed mentally.

  • lambsbottom

    To any active or inactive JW lurkers. Remember, you can ALWAYS go back and be a JW. But, imagine if you never took a small break? How long could you spend that you may regret later?

  • quellycatface

    That's good advice, talking a break like that.

    I did the same, though not intentionally.

    I attended my last Sunday bullshit show on the 8th September. Celebrated Christmas. I walked into my local church early February.

    Worked a treat.

    Do it, people.

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