A comparison of "Crazy doctrines" between religions

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  • stuckinarut2

    I have really been having a difficult time listening to witnesses say things about other religious groups doctrines and teachings.

    I personally don't care for any religion, but I hate the 'piousness' and over righteousness that witnesses have for example when they mock Mormons for believing that "golden tablets were given to Joseph smith by angels etc"

    So, looking objectively with no bias, what bats#1t crazy beliefs stand out from various faiths?

    I mean, we were so indoctrinated with jw teachings, that it simply rolls of the tongue to say "we will be resurrected in the paradise and live forever" BUT HOW CRAZY IS THAT!?!?


  • Ding

    I think it's ironic when JWs mock Mormons over such things as the unverifiable "golden plates" and the conflicting accounts of Joseph Smith's "First Vision," given that:

    1. Pastor Russell verified his "Bible chronology" by allegedly measuring a passageway in the Great Pyramid (in inches, yet -- a unit of measurement unknown to the Egyptians and Israelites).

    2. When the WT changed his dates, they published a different "measurement" of the passageway's length to correspond.

    3. The WT later condemned pyramidology as satanic.

    4. The WT's unverifiable 1918-1919 selection by Jesus to be the "faithful and discreet slave" was made at a time when the WTS was still erroneously teaching that he had been (unverifiably) invisibly present since 1874.

    Yes, those Mormons sure are gullible. They'll believe whatever their religious organization's leaders tell them...

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, witnesses have selective critical skills!

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