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  • sprintcmp

    I had not seen much of this even in the Chicago area, but in small town Bloomington-Normal, IL (pop. 150,000) I have seen this new tactic for the last two days at a busy train/bus station which is located in the heart of town. It is eery to watch them just stand there, not saying anything not even holding the publications out to people. Just standing there like a stone beside their carts.

    I took a seat in the roundabout circle to watch and two sets of them were like ghosts, l looked away and when I looked again they had swithed positions or a new person came and an original one left. I was surprised they were there so late in the day, but I guess they wanted to hit the 6:00 train passengers. Then about 7:00 p.m. they floated away silently....It was more eerie than anything.

    Then again today, I saw them coming...but this time since there is a festival of some kind in the town circle, they will be totally ignored.

    What a colosal waste of time, never saying anything and people ignoring them left and right.

  • GrreatTeacher

    So, I see you have seen the new Apathy Trollies.

  • EndofMysteries

    It was only a few years ago I heard about how the odd "Russelites" set up booths at flea markets and such to distribute literature. Low and behold I go to the local flea market the other week and one of the congregations by me has a booth setup, some books/magazines on the table and those at the booth yucking it up to eachother paying no attention to any who are walking by.

  • Oubliette

    Venus and Serena Williams were brought up as Jehovah's Witnesses - "God and tennis are my priorities in life," said Serena in 2012

    I'm glad God gets first billing!

  • Ocean1111

    Well they have the right "racket" that's for sure.

  • sprintcmp

    EOM....I didnt' think of it, but maybe they were on their way to the festival. It was just setting up so maybe they have a booth there.

    They couldn't be more cult like if they tried pulling those trolleys behind them.

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    in many locations they are not permitted to make first contact

  • ducatijoe

    OMG... Yesterday I was in the New York Subway.. There were 5 publishers with their lit. stand... just standing there... no interaction with people.

    They needed a TIME PUNCH CLOCK next to them.

    I however was enjoying my visit ti New York city!

    So happy to be free

  • clarity

    Did a double take ....there they were on the side walk

    in the middle of town. I watched as the people walked

    by and the 2 "preachers" made no effort to communicate,

    they just rocked back and forth on their heels!!!!!!

    Omg people are going to think they really are bat shit crazy

    now!!! hahahah


  • quellycatface

    What an absolutely glorious waste of time.

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