What is the exact meaning not posting in a language other than English in the Guidelines

by SonoftheTrinity 2 Replies latest forum tech-support

  • SonoftheTrinity

    In other words, can I use a loanword

    or a parochial phrase of an English based dialect

    or a short motto from another language along with a translation without being in violation

    Or am I as restricted to the Theocratese subregister of Global Standard English as people who are in the Witchtower's Untruth?

  • oppostate

    Bien dicho,

    Well said,

    me parece que puede escribir en otro idioma sin que nadie le diga nada si incluye una traducción.

    I think you can write in another language without anyone minding if you include a translation.

  • John_Mann

    If you not post in english or portuguese (the languages I understand) I'll not be able to read what you are trying to share.

    You know, we are trying to build a tower to heaven here, so we have to speak the same language.

    But we can try Java...

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