Appalling Responses by JWs About Reporting Child Abuse!

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  • kneehighmiah
  • lisaBObeesa

    Those responses are shocking.

    "If the allegations are proven to be true THEN the Elders go to the police" ???!!

    To the JW mind, that sounds like correct logic.

    Don't they ever stop to ask themselves how an ELDER could possibly OBTAIN proof that abuse happened?

    If they thought about it for just one second they would realize there is NO WAY they could have proof unless the perpetrator confessed. They are not doctors with rape kits or trained psychologists. They have no way to know if the allegations are true or not, outside of a confession.

    So what they really mean is "If the perpetrator confesses, THEN the Elders go to the police" <--I don't think that sounds like correct logic even to a JW! But they don't let their mind go there...

  • Raton

    I notice when I come across Yahoo answers where someone asks about JWs the same JWs are normally the ones defending the .org. It might be a good idea to have a thread where people could post the most current yahoo questions so that people from this site can share TTATT each time. Just a thought...

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