Christian persecution

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  • Clambake


    The other day I am in the hall and they are doing the whole Christian persecution thing. Let’s not forget about brothers in Eritrea and South Korea. Then someone said “These people prove we are the true religion”.

    After the meeting I had a chat with one of the elders and told him “ what about Catholic Churches being bombed by Boko Harum in Nigeria, Churches being bombed in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, Christians in Pakistan and the Taliban, Christians in Iraq and Syria and ISIS.

    He looked at me dumbfounded, Man it is a terrible world. AKA ( We don’t give a shit ).

    Watchtower arrogance……………….Oh……………Just man

    Anyone ever wonder or question this ??

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    You simply gotta remember, we're talking about TRUE Christians from the platform, not the fakes who were rejected between 1914 - 1919!!!

  • problemaddict

    Well young man its very simple. TRUE christians are persecuted, wheras FALSE christians do not enjoy Jehovahs protection and remain in spiritual darkness, therfore it is reasonable to conclude that they are victims of Satans world, walking about in darness until their end.

    Aren't we happified that we are in such a modern day spiritual paradise!

  • jgnat

    Yeah I regularly challenged hubby on this when he brought it up. His standard response, "Yeah but we have the Truth."

  • givemejustalittlemoretime

    Thousands around the world rightnow are tortured, murdered and imprisoned for being Christians every year and most of them are not JW

  • Perry

    Most of the persucutions can be avoided if they renounce their faith in Christ.

    This lady chose death rather than turn her back on Jesus. She was one of the few with a good outcome. However she told the court that she would go to the gallows if need be.

  • Vidiot

    As far as the WTS is concerned, it's persecution when it happens to loyal JWs, but when it happens to "false" religions, they're just getting what they deserve.

  • stuckinarut2

    Persecution complexes!

    It is the lifeblood of witnesses.....

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