JW.ORG coming to a World Trade Center near you

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    JW.ORG rubbing shoulders with the Illuminati MEXICO CITY—JW.ORG Coming to a Word Trade Center near you. According to jw.org ,Jehovah’s Witnesses took part along with 150 other publishing houses in the first Expo Publica Book Fair that is organized by the National Chamber for the Mexican Publishing Industry (CANIEM). The expo held at the World Trade Center in Mexico City from April 25 to May 4, 2014, marked the 50th anniversary of CANIEM. According to the Watchtower around 20,000 people visited this event. Is it just me or is this move part of the wider revamping and polishing of the Society’s public image .First the new website then stands with literature in main cities around the world and the change in calling themselves from Watchtower or Jehovah’s Witnesses to jw.org. Also note the reference to “publishing house”. What struck me more though is the place where this expo is held .The World Trade Center in Mexico City. I thought I heard this phrase before so I had a little dig around and found that the building where the Expo was held it was originally a hotel that was later sold to WTO in an auction some years ago .Who is WTO you may ask ? What that means in plain street language is that the World Trade Organisation is an Illuminati “Trojan Horse” or creation if you like that makes it impossible for a nation state to run its own economy and to take decisions on what kind of products can trade within its own borders and what kind of products are imported from other countries. Countries now face huge fines and sanctions if they dare stop this "free trade" through their borders. This “free tade” under these kind of terms gives the transnational corporations and major industrial countries the right to dump their products anywhere they like and, in doing so, destroy the local businesses and economies of their targeted nations. This has been particularly devastating in so-called Third World countries, but the industrial nations of the north are also being seriously affected by this in the destruction of local businesses, industries, and job opportunities. That's the idea. To make all countries and their people dependent on, and subservient to, the global system which the Illuminati not only controls, but actually created. The first two heads of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have been members of the Bilderberg Group and the first, Peter D. Sutherland, of Ireland, now head of British Petroleum (BP), is a major Illuminati operator. Now this WTO ,is the owner of the building where the “publishing house” of the jw.org allows their publications to be advertised and promoted . Call me old fashioned but having been a Jehovah’s Witness for some time now ,I remember the time the Watchtower used to expose the Illuminati’s top agent ,the United Nations, back in the 20 th century .Now things have changed .In the 21 st century the Watchtower has no problem rubbing shoulders with other Illuminati corporations and “trade” their publications within their premises . Truly fulfilling prophesy ,trading with “the merchants of the earth” as the new adopted child of “Babylon the Great.” The Witnesses showcased their wide variety of Bible-based books, magazines, and videos. They also featured their official website, www.jw.org, where downloadable versions of their publications are available in over 650 languages. Visitors selected more than 1,600 pieces of literature from the Witnesses, and some requested a personal visit in their home. As is standard practice for Jehovah’s Witnesses, all of the literature as well as their in-home Bible study arrangement was made available to expo attendees free of charge. Gamaliel Camarillo, a spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico, stated: Ask yourself : Would Jesus have used the tables of the money lenders in the Temple to promote the Kingdome of God ? The Watchtower has absolutely no problem doing that and simply don't care about your opinion . They need to hid Jesus advice ,the one that they hypocritically call him "their Lord", when he said "you should never throw your pearls to the swine that they may never trample on them and turn around and rip you open ". The Lord is right ,not only the world wide financiers will trample soon upon the preaching of the good news but they will " turn around and rip open" any so-called Christian organization that rubs shoulders with them at present ,including the jw.org (formerly known as Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). List of other "whorehouses" of the Illuminati around the world

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    The WTS always prided itself on being "no part of the world", now it is looking more and more like a commercial enterprise. As a fan of George Orwell, I cannot help but think of the end of "Animal Farm" where the leaders of the animals, the pigs, donned human clothes and were indistiguishable from men.

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    All the jdubs will get from this is that THEIR BOOTH has a crowd and others do not. So blessed!

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