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  • insearchoftruth

    Congregation my wife's study conductor attends (and hence my wife) has the CO visit this week and a special meeting this evening. What are the topics for a meeting such as this. I am also amused and disturbed how folks are changing work schedules and bending over backwards to accomodate this person, seems like 'creature worship' to me.

  • blondie

    In days ago, when the CO visited his talks reflected many of the specific needs of that individual congregation and were drafted by him. Nowadays he gets an outline from the WTS and gives the same talk to each congregation in his current cycle (2 cycles each year). Someone who has heard this cycle's already who posts here might be able to help you or someone from a congregation he has already visited.

    The CO still has some "powers" in that he weiighs in on the selection of MS and elders; selects speakers for the circuit assemblies (special day in the past too); looks at the stats of the congregation and "counsels" the elders on making improvements. Some hope to hear "new" info before others. Some hope to get a different opinion on a topic that the elders have not given the answer they want.

  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks Blondie, would love to see some feedback on a prior CO visit from this year, also she is leaving work early tomorrow so they can spend time with the COs wife.....

  • punkofnice

    seems like 'creature worship' to me.

    The C.O. is a company bully boy. The R&F have been made to revere him thru repeat brain washing.

    He is paid clergy. A scrounging company puppet sent to ensure all the R&F are towing the line and contributions are flowing to the GB who will use the money to protect those that they really love and admire.......paedophiles!

    Area manager spring to mind?

    After all the WBT$ is just a greedy corporation.

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    When we live in a world where good people are murderd and children starve to death, people will always believe in an organisation that has the answers. But does the organisation spend its money feeding and clothing the poor of the world?

    The answer is i think No. But for many the CO does more important work than that. Thank you very much C.O your great.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I wish I could give you specifics, but as I recall the sunday talk was actually sorta aimed at fence-sitters (which the elder who's studying with your wife would likely know, and might be why he is making a special effort to get her there)

    Basically, the jist of the talk was: if you know it's the truth, what are you doing about it?

    You might want to subtly find a way to keep her away, but I guess that's always the case with any meeting indoctrination session.

  • insearchoftruth

    Thanks! Anyone else who has had to suffer through the special CO meeting I would appreciate any information about the topics!

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