Drug addicts and Christianity

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  • free2beme

    I will make this clear, I am not a Christian (But I am a former JW)

    I have noticed a trend among Christians and something I wanted to discuss. It is that those with the strongest faith, the deepest emotional connection to hope and swallow the stories of the bible the deepest. Are often people with serious drug and alchohol problems in the past. They are very emotional about challenges to their faith and often get defensive without thoughts of "I have seen god" and "God has made me" to the point that a recent stabbing took place in my town locally over a disagreement on religion.

    With that said, I want to express something. Christianity in all accepts has been proven to be a lie and is something created by man, with all the bible being shown to have faults, beyond words and outdated. However, even with reading something that should and can upset a Christian, violence is not an answer in the face of frustration. But when ever you challenge a Christian with facts, science and truth. Know the person behind those eyes might not be running on all cylinders and could be very mentally ill from drugs, substance abuse or other forms of mental illness.

    Know who to run with in your own pack, and when to cut and run from a dying spirit or you will be taken in by their illness and may not leave unharmed. I truly do not trust or respect anyone who can get so emotional and upset about something so proven to be so absolutely wrong.

    Faith in anything, should be defined by love and hope. Just some life wisdom I have learned more and more in my life.

  • Focus

    Your point is sound, free2beme:

    those with the strongest faith, the deepest emotional connection to hope and swallow the stories of the bible the deepest. Are often people with serious drug and alchohol problems in the past

    On a slightly light-hearted note, it is pretty obvious that the non-Prophet Daniel was on drugs when he made his contributions to the Babble, wasn't he?

    And what about those loonies in Bethel who came up with:

    ... they simply must have been on drugs, right?

    Anyone thinking that if this weird, possibly drug-addicted chap on the throne was ever going to get away with forcing me to change my diet to grass / straw / carrots , while having to watch my old enemies lying down with lambs, better think again!

    The reason I'm apparently snoozing in that tree on the right is probably because I'm waiting for the clouds to blow the throne a bit closer - and then I'll take out the weirdo.



    ("Carnivore" Class)

  • HeyThere

    Lol focus!

    And cats have to have meat...unless jah will change their composition so they can live on grass

  • Focus

    HeyThere, indeed correct, but we know with jAH, any incredible promise is possible. See Matt. 19:24.

    But if hE tries to get me to pass through the eye of a needle, hE will find that I carry four-pawfulls of needles myself, all kept sharp and ready to use on underperforming, underachieving and fake deities.

    Does anyone have a scan of the illustration on page 7 of the the Watchtower of September 15, 1999? I am away from my Kingdom-Proclaiming material, and while I need it for other use, it would be very apt here. Thanks!



    ("Grateful" Class)

  • Laika

    This thread's a bit patronising eh?

  • sparrowdown

    Yes free2b, I would have to say I have noticed this aswell.

    The problem is that while the message of forgiveness often appeals to people who have substance abuse issues

    (mainly because they have trouble forgiving themselves).

    In the long run this in itself becomes an addiction, an addiction to be forgiven.

    The added guilt and shame that is dished out as spiritual food out at meetings only makes personal forgiveness even more elusive.

    A whole new cycle of pain is created, which in turn aggravates any mental health problems and the need to self medicate.

    Plus many people who have had serious drug/alcohol problems have emtional control issues as well.

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