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  • lambsbottom

    Hello everyone,

    I've been attending Sexaholics Anonymous meetings for years now and it has kept me 'sober' when religion couldn't. Currently active but fading.

    Anyone on here attend any type of 12 step meetings?

  • prologos

    why do you call it sexaholic is it a pun or do you have anectodes?

  • lambsbottom

    not a pun. just a word to separate from sex addicts anonymous.

  • crmsicl

    How does a person come to admit he/she is a sexaholic and how can it harm a marriage.

    btw I did google it a bit. But if you care to share more, please do.

  • lambsbottom


    pretty much when youve tried to stop on your own and cant. it becomes an addiction, just like any other drug. professionals disagree others agree.

  • SAHS

    Actually, I have been in the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous since the late ’80s. Although, unfortunately, I have been on and off, in and out quite a few times. I was born into a stongly-JW family in 1966, and I have had quite an onging struggle with the AA program. (Nothing like the JW outfit to mess someone up enough to make any kind of normalcy a struggle.)

    It’s kind of ironic that you have chosen the user name “lambsbottom” while trying to manage sexaholism – the idea of a lamb’s bottom just makes me somewhat horny. (As you can see, I also have some sexual “issues” myself , but I don’t bother with any 12-step program for that in particular. One 12-step support group is enough. After all, life has to have some kind of fun, before you’re done.)

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