What do you know about "Personal Mythology?"

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  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade

    Our group has been introduced to the term "personal Mythology".

    It is new to most of us. So far we think this area of study has potential to explain the actions of the Governing Body and all in the "organization". Perhaps not a substitute for the term "cognitive disonance", but an additional term that adds insight into the thinking of Jehovah's Witnesses. Even if it can only be applied to individuals that is helpful.

    Wikipedia has an article with references.

    What we would like is someone who knows this subject and can point us in a direction that will save us time and energy. Specific ways that the Governing Body can be explained as is in this catagory. Then how individual witnesses are not really in the "truth", but are actually in what can be more accuratley described as the "compromise."


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  • Make Lemonade
    Make Lemonade

    "There is nothing outside the organization." "Apostates only tear down, they have nothing to offer." Those myths are far behind my wife and I at this point. She just left for work saying, "I love this new job."

    Last night I finished "The Hero With A Thousand Faces." So many reasons for needing to read that book for myself. It benefited me in surprizing ways. One reason relates to choosing courses in a junior college or from a university. Both offer degrees related to drug and alcohol abuse counseling.

    So much to learn and so much to choose from.

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