JW Elder brother looks so tired, worn out.

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  • jam

    Yesterday celebrating the fourth of July with the family.

    My sister told us that xxx came by (our brother JW Elder).

    He looked so worn out. He told my sister he would like to have all

    the nephews and nieces over to get to know one another, none JW

    and JW's. My one niece said what about Jam (me) sons, are they

    invited and will we be able to eat all togather.. (lol) She said if

    all are not invited, then forget about it we will not go. My great nephew

    said I don't know those folks. Ny niece said we are tired of jumping

    throught the hoops for them, they never come to events we have why

    should we jump when they call.

    The borg has destroyed our family. The JW side of the family, I'm the

    one that has torn the family apart, if I only come back we can

    be one happy family again..We are talking about a large family folks,

    six brothers and sisters and our off springs....

  • Scott77
    "...The borg has destroyed our family..."

    Hi jam,

    I understand what you mean by that above. Its somethig that runs through all the JW families and those of us that were part of it.


  • jam

    We, my brothers and sister are in our 60's and 70's, so we have

    great,great nephews and nieces. About 95% of the family live in the

    same area, our great nephews and nieces went to shool togather and

    didn't know their kin..Sick,sick,sick... When we get together some

    one will mention, did you know so and so had a baby. When? About

    two years ago. So how many children do they have? They have 3..

    Folks we live in the same area....

  • jam

    Sorry, I'm so upset with that cult. " About 95% of the family live

    in the same area,they went to school together......

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