I have a dream by ABBA, not King.

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  • jam

    Today in guitar class one of the members requested "I have

    a dream song" . So we played and sang the song. Afterward she stated,

    "some day I will be at the stream and a angel or my husband

    will help me cross that stream. Someone yell, how do you know they

    can swim...LOL

    The song by Abba;

    "I believe in angels

    Something good in everything I see

    I believe in Angels

    When I know the time is right for me

    I'll cross the stream---I have a dream".

    Bless her heart,she have her dream..

  • factfinder

    Abba are my second favorite group of all time, after a-ha!

    Frida sings the lead on that song.

  • jam

    We are all old, so we sing and play all the old great songs LOL

    From Nat King Cole, Platters, Elvis, J Cash, Latin Melody, Beaties and

    so many others, yes we sing Vaya con Dios by Gene Autry. I'm

    sure some of you young ones here are asking, who in the hell is

    Gene Autry. LOL

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Well, I'm too young to know who Gene Autry is, but, I do know!!!

    But who are/ were The Beaties???

    *** Love that Abba song!!!***


    I love ABBA!! I was just a boy when I was mesmerized by those two sirens. So Hot!!!


  • jam

    Wow!! I need a new glasses, I would swear that the i was a L.

    But the Beaties would be an interesting name for a group. LOL

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