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  • bemused

    Apologies if this has been raised already (I don't check in to the board all that often) but can anyone make head or tail of this from the latest Watchtower (Study Edition):

    A former atheist confessed: “The creation convinces me that God wants mankind to enjoy life and therefore he will not allow suffering to go on forever. Also, as the world descends further into ungodliness, Jehovah’s people are progressing in faith, zeal, and love. Only Jehovah’s spirit could produce this modern-day miracle.”

    It's from the article 'Are you convinced you have the truth? Why?' (para. 17). The answers to these two questions for this 'former atheist' appear to be 'yes, definitely' and 'no idea, so I'll make something up'.

    The first bit is standard stuff I guess, as usual avoiding the question as to why a loving all-powerful god has allowed suffering since humans first appeared. But what's the second bit about - what miracle is being referred to? Is it the amazing fact that as more and more people wake up to the nonsense of organised religion there are still people willing to subscribe to the WT's bizarre doctrines?

    What do you think?

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  • Phizzy

    It is amazing the ability we Humans have to stubbornly hold to conflicting views, and yet use some form of what we pretend is "rationalisation" so that we can hold the two or more views at the same time.

    We had to do that all the time as JW's of course. I do not think the above mentioned article in the WT will strengthen the conviction of someone who is struggling with Cog. Diss. The WT may well have shot themselves in the foot as far as some are concerned now, to ask themselves, and answer honestly,

    "Am I convinced I have the Truth ?" and to honestly scrutinise one's answers to "Why?" is the fast route out.

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