The Beatles- A Hard Days Night turns 50

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  • designs

    Great fun!!! Great memories!!!

  • designs
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  • Trapped in JW land
    Trapped in JW land

    Where are all the Beatles fans here?

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I often think of A Hard Day's Night. In fact, I drove past the theatre the other day. All the girls went together. We just screeched and screeched. I did not like Elvis movies so I was wary. It is a good film, much better than Help! The theatre was across the street from school. I looked forward to all the Beatles films. There was a special showing of Magical Mystery Tour at Lincoln Center. There was some funny scenes but it was not great. Let It Be was sad. The remarks between Paul and George upset me,

    The opening scenes in A Hard Day's Night capture the atmosphere of the Beatles. I had so much fun being a fan. Chasing them around NY was a challenge. When I was studying for the bar in Central Park, I spoke with the doorman at the Dakota. It was hot outside. I arranged a system so I could know whether John was in residence. The firm was new to me so I postponed my plans to meet John personally. I never met him. My chance disappeared.

    Well, thanks Designs for reminding me of my age.

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    Filming in cinema verite, black and white, really made the film. Film critic Roger Ebert called the film- 'one of the great life affirming land-marks of movies'.

    Ringo Starr is credited with the title.

    Think of all of the films based on Rock and Rock Artists the film inspired.

  • stillin

    I got on the bus when it was Yellow Submarine time. But , of course, now I have seen them all, collected the vinyl, mourned the loss of two of them and I certainly remember the excitement!

  • Heaven

    I'm-a gettin' old.

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