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    If there is any book to convince one that JWs have no truth this is it.

    The first 9 chapter are sacrficial laws. Chapter 1 is interesting for me as I work in a chicken packing plant..... the later half of the chapter describes birds sacrifice.... Ugh.. who would eat this litmited processing by dirty priests....

    chapter 10 shows a bad god-Jehovah killing drunken sons. And a pissed off Moses who wans preiest to gorge themselves

    Chapter 11 is food laws which honestly I can say are not bad bt I still like pysters and shrimp lol and pork..

    Chapter 12 I think is sex discharge... No comment (better not)

    13-14-15 is a block of leprosy...? I find it funny especially since the NWT uses 'warp and woof' as a tanslation'

    16 is day of antnoment which borrow so many things from Zorastrianism it's not funny...

    17-26 is shocking... This is the gay basing stuff but also sick things... Even laws for poor weren't that good...

    26 the fanal chapter of that block is blessing and cursing. Listen to this on JW org.: I'll punish you seven times more for your [email protected]!!

    27 is an obvious appendix.

    Leviticus is mostly made to priest in the Persiand and Hellistic times. It is not God's word But to be honest lets look at the argument from Christian:

    Better health laws...

    Not really.... Quarentine was NORMAL you idiot!

    Plus these laws were for ritual purity.. these priest (who were all healthy or they could not be priests) cared zero-none... about the people..

    My comment on Levitcus,..

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    Thanks, I might use this Thursday evening.

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