Yes you will inherit a Land flowing with Milk & Honey, but did i forget to mention about Leprosy?

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  • Quarterback

    This week's Bible Highlights, as well as last week indicated that the Promise land wasn't so fortunate as thought. This week it mentions premature balding. If you were balding prematurely, you had to see the priests. Not that they would heal you. It was to add further misery to you and declare you unclean. Sucks to be you.

  • sparrowdown

    Oh I don't know, bald can be a little bit sexy, look at Patrick Stewart or Bruce Willis.

    Maybe that's why it was considered unclean.

  • jam

    I'm lactose intolerant but honey is ok...

  • Quarterback

    Apparently, early balding was a sign of Leprosy

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    As you mention leprosy it reminds me of something I've been thinking about recently.

    God told the nation of Israel that they are his special property and he would basically make them an impressive remarkable nation compared with the surrounding nations. Recall how God gave special wisdom to two craftsmen so that they can build the ark of the covenant and all the special tabernacle utensils and so on? Well I got to thinking: why didn't God also give special scientific knowledge to chosen men in the nation of Israel?

    Think about it: In the space of a few years ancient Israel could have had remarkable technological advancements (far beyond what we know today) due to special knowledge given them by God. They could have had a remarkable medical system with a medical cure for leprosy! Instead, God keeps them in backward scientific ignorance tells them to shun lepers as outcasts!

    And just think: the remarkable out-of-this world technological superiority of the nation of Israel would have served as convincing proof of them having a super-intelligent being backing them. Relics of their technological superiority would still be around today to provide a measure of evidence of divine backing . . . but no. God keeps them in basically the same level of technological ignorance as everyone else . . .

  • Heaven

    Quarterback said: Apparently, early balding was a sign of Leprosy

    In the immortal words of Christopher Hitchens:

  • Quarterback

    Well, Island Man, in respects to cleaniliness. they were advanced. Some of their dietary standards were superior. There were some modern commentators that have praised them for these things. But, aside from the miracles that Elijah, Jesus, and others performed, medical science didn't come until the world's great thinkers came. Maybe some great thinkers existed way back then, but there are no archaelogical records to provve that. Just the Egyptians who were great in preserving thir dead.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    The leprosy mentioned apply to many skin conditions. For instance I have eczema. Many people do. But in israel I would be unclean... for something that is not contagious.

    Futher because of eczema I shave my head (That plus it feels good) I guess that partis clean... it is baldness...

    Need to check to warp and the woofs of my clothes for mildew lol

  • Mikado

    quarterback, don't make the mistake of believing all you read... name one miracle that can be proved? I spend a lot of tim. in a developing country, and I have lost count of the amount of miracles I hear of ... and thats in the twenty first century...

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