Implications of the 80 year age limit for the COBE...

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  • james_woods

    Aside from the obvious age discrimination and disrespect, what are other implications of this new rule?

    (persons over 80 years of age cannot serve as a Chairman of the Body of Elders any longer by Watchtower Fiat)

    Here are two (plus one):

    1) - This means that no one can be a COBE if he was born before 1934. So much for persons alive and in adult understanding of the circumstances in 1914 surviving to the end. If they did have such an elder (highly doubtful, but say they did have a 120 year old elder - given 20 as an age of accountability) - this person is no longer useful to them.

    2) - Under the traditional Remnant and Great Crowd teaching - this also means that NOBODY serving as a COBE could be of the legitimate Remnant. This selection of the anointed was supposed to be all over by 1933, and even that date applied to adults.

    3) - I would assume - (have not read this yet in the letters from the Watchtower, but just by application of logic) - that it MUST be true that all Governing Body members over 80 must retire and younger persons selected. Which means that by their own logic, aspects 1 and 2 also apply to the highest of the highest: Not part of the 1914 generation, not legitimate anointed, not therefore part of the literal 144,000.

    As they say, Watchtower leadership, be careful what you wish for - you just might actually get it.


  • snare&racket

    intersting isn't it...

    FIRSTLY... It is totally illegal to be ageist, so I wonder how this will pan out legally.

    Secondly, they have now assumed the holy spirit is ageist in it's appointments, or that the holy spirit appts have a time limit.

    Thirdly, they clearly don't want the older 'generation' who have seen the religion change 180 deg and also become a business, have too much power.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Governing Body members over 80 . . . . [are]: Not part of the 1914 generation, not legitimate anointed,

    Of course not.

    Any "new" partakers are either still entrenched with their traditions from Christendom, or, are mentally ill.

    The Watchtower said so. It must be true.

    I'm going with mentally ill.



    Good to hear from you James.

  • james_woods

    Thanks, everyone.

    You have made two more new points on this that I had not thought of...the legality, and the sudden change in "holy spirit".

    This goes hand in hand with the new financial arragnements and the "new light" on what a "generation" really is.

    Maybe they don't want any oldsters who can remember the old teachings around any more!

    BTW - Evil question! Could this be an admission that good old Freddy Franz was in his doties when he was appointed president of the WTBTS (by the HS, as they say) after he had failed on the whole 1975 thing?

  • scary21

    Since Herd is 79 we will not have to wait long to see if they apply this to themselves..

    Miss your posts James.....


  • prologos

    There also goes the dream of these old-timers of a seamless continuation of the leadership role into the new world order after Armageddon. Instead:

    re-apply when you regained your marbels, your gusto in the paradise.*

    not believing, just extrapolating from wtthink.

  • exwhyzee

    I suppose they'd have put Moses and Abraham out to pasture if they'd have had the chance.

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