The new 'Roaming Overseer'

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  • LogCon

    AndDontCallMeShirley directed our attention to a video of the Atlanta Convention. At 4:18 elder Chris Williams came on the screen and under his name I thought I saw 'ROAMING OVERSEER'. I immediately thought to myself that this must be replacing the District Overseer,


    on closer examination I realized Br. Williams position was 'ROOMING OVERSEER'. It then made sense to me,


    it occurred to me that a 'ROAMING OVERSEER' may be a Wonderful Spiritual Provision from the Governing Body,


    previously the District Overseer had to follow a strict schedule, a 'ROAMING OVERSEER' could follow his own schedule. This may enable him, after carefully examining the condition of various congregations, to give extra attention and help to those who are in greater need of his spiritual assistance. Perhaps he could stay for extended periods of time to ensure that the congregations he concentrates on will grow to higher levels of spirituality.

  • sparrowdown

    Sort of like a "Lone Free Ranger", he could wear a cape aswell.

    Historically speaking though, GB do not like anyone else getting credit.

  • prologos

    yeah, it would be an eye-opener to have THEM know what goes really on in the congregation when the hype and CONTROL of THE official visit is not 'on'.

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