The POW Exchange

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  • designs

    The politico pages have blown up over the prisoner exchange between the US and the Taliban. 5 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay prison exchanged for the US soldier, Bowe Bergdahl.

    Will this open up the future in Afghanistan for greater dialogue between warring factions. Will the new president in Afghanistan be able to capitalize on this gesture. Does it present a moment to push back the aims of China and Russia in the region. Will it open relations between the US and Cuba and present a means to close Gitmo Prison. How will it be seen in the greater Pan-Syria regional war.

    this exchange made me recall the stories my father told about WWII. His ship took on Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific. These enemies were treated for their wounds and the extreme starvation they were experiencing. When the ship docked in Yokohama Bay my father and several sailors took (stole) food from the ship and gave it to the children and civilians in town were who starving.

    Soldiers need to find a way to reconnect with their humanity after being in battle.

  • zebagain

    It is most likely too much to ask the media leave the guy and his family alone. He has a lot of adjusting to do. and.. I hope he gets paid for all thattime he was still 'on-duty'.

  • designs

    The UN has the authority to bring the 5 Taliban members to trial in the Hague. This action on the part of the Administration may have been, in some small lip service, a way to reconnect with the Geneva Convention.

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