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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    For a future conversation I will have with my mother I need some questions answered. Otherwise I will have to search and read through JW literature and I rather not :0

    What was the teaching of 1919 during 1980's and 1990's (this is when I was active and my mother became a witness)?

    What is the current teaching of 1919?

    What evidence or proof does the governing body used that they are choosen from God? Besides their referencing some scripture.

    What are the major changes in beliefs from 1995 to Now? I already know about the scandals and not interested in using that material since she won't believe it. But showing her doctrinal changes I think will have an impact.

    I basically want to show my mother that the religion I was brought up in is not the same religion she belongs to now. That in fact if I refused to accept the new light and only believed what I was taught in 1980-1999 I would be disfellowship for apostasy.

    Whoever is willing to answer this, if you could maybe list watchtower references it would help. My mother has an entire library of the bound volumes.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    A free download, The Great Watchtower Contradiction, may be one of your choice sources since it cites some 25 watchtower references. The Watchtower Library CD is recommended. It's an 11 minute read if you skip the supportive endnote references. Watchtower teaches that they haven't contradicted (some people call them flip-flops) themselves in their teachings but this will blow your mind, in essence, proving them a liar on that score many times over.


  • sarahsmile

    Goodness your a child brought up on Revealations It's Grand Climax Is At Hand!

    You can really pull this one off! I used that book to prove how crazy the doctine were.

    Maybe if you get a copy of the book and qoute from it as truth that alone will throw your mom off.

    You believe Jesus is all the angels in Revelations and not just Michael. I doubt that has changed but crazy is good.

    First couple chapter talk about Russell channeling 144,000 here on the earth. They probably still believe in Russell and most 144,000 channelling. But I think a portion of it has changed. Not too sure but GB is the most important change.

    If I had a JW library on CD I could help.

    How much fun you are going to have! Please post everything!

  • fastJehu

    The changes from 1994 --> today:

    1994, tribulation and celestial phenomena (Mt 24:29-31; Mr 13:24-27; Lu 21:25-28): w94 2/15 16-21

    1995, “sheep” and “goats” (Mt 25): w13 7/15 6; w06 2/15 30; w97 7/1 30-31; w95 10/15 18-28
    “this generation” (Mt 24:34; Mr 13:30; Lu 21:32): w97 6/1 28; w95 11/1 10-21, 30-31

    1996, acceptability of customary (tribal) marriage: g96 12/8 23
    civilian service in lieu of military service: yb97 16; w96 5/1 19-20
    “flesh” saved through “great tribulation” (Mt 24:22): w96 8/15 15-20
    great tribulation “cut short” (Mt 24:22): w96 8/15 17-18

    1997, transfiguration vision (Mt 17; Mr 9; Lu 9): w97 5/15 9-14

    1998, duration of new covenant (Heb 13:20): w98 2/1 22-23
    Ezekiel’s vision of restored temple and land (Eze 40-48): w06 2/15 30; w00 3/15 13-14; w99 1/15 9; w99 3/1 8-23
    nations blessed through Abraham’s seed (Ge 22:18): w98 2/1 14-15

    1999, ‘disgusting thing standing in a holy place’ (Mt 24:15; Mr 13:14): w06 2/15 30; w99 5/1 15-20

    2000, blood fractions: w00 6/15 29-31
    use of one’s own blood: w00 10/15 30-31; w00 12/15 30

    2001, “divorce certificate” for Judah (Isa 50:1): ip-2 152-153
    ‘doves to birdhouse holes’ (Isa 60:8, 9): w02 7/1 12-13; ip-2 308-309
    worshipping Jehovah “with spirit” (Joh 4:24): w06 2/15 30; w02 7/15 15; w01 9/15 28

    2002, courtyard in which “great crowd” serve (Re 7:15): w02 5/1 30-31

    2003, meaning of baptism of Jewish believers at Pentecost 33 C.E.: w03 5/15 30-31
    why some early Christians observed features of the Law: w03 3/15 23-25

    2007, start of heavenly resurrection: w07 1/1 27-30
    when calling to heavenly hope ceases: w07 5/1 30-31; w07 8/15 19

    2008, illustration of dragnet (Mt 13): w08 7/15 20-21
    illustration of leaven hidden in flour (Mt 13; Lu 13): w08 7/15 19-21
    illustration of man casting seed (Mr 4:26-29): w08 7/15 14-16
    illustration of mustard grain (Mt 13; Mr 4; Lu 13): w08 7/15 17-19, 21
    Mary’s pain during Jesus’ birth: w08 10/1 23
    “this generation” (Mt 24:34; Mr 13:30; Lu 21:32): w10 4/15 10-11; w08 2/15 23-24; w08 4/15 29

    2009, “all creation that is under heaven” (Col 1:23): bt 217
    resurrection hope for baby dying in womb: w09 4/15 12-13

    2010, illustration of wheat and weeds (sowing of seed) (Mt 13:24, 38): w10 3/15 20
    illustration of wheat and weeds (wheat brought into storehouse) (Mt 13:30): w10 3/15 22

    2011, entering Jehovah’s rest (Heb 4): w11 7/15 24-28
    Jesus “a corresponding ransom” (1Ti 2:6): w11 6/15 13; w11 8/15 32
    olive tree (Ro 11): w11 5/15 23-25
    Peter in Rome: w11 8/1 25

    2012, “all these kingdoms” (Da 2:44): w12 6/15 17
    feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image (Da 2): w12 6/15 15-16, 19
    Mordecai and Esther “divide spoil” in fulfillment of Genesis 49:27: ia 142; w12 1/1 29
    ruin caused by “king fierce in countenance” (Da 8:23, 24): w12 6/15 16
    toes of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image (Da 2): w12 6/15 16
    when seventh world power emerged: w12 6/15 15, 19

    2013, anointed not to survive Armageddon on earth: w13 7/15 5
    ‘Assyrian comes into our land’ (Mic 5:5): w13 11/15 20
    chosen ones gathered (Mt 24:31; Mr 13:27): w13 7/15 5
    “evil slave” (Mt 24:48-51): w13 7/15 24
    “faithful and discreet slave” (Mt 24:45-47): w13 7/15 8, 20-25
    great tribulation: w13 7/15 3-8
    illustration of wheat and weeds (Mt 13): w13 7/15 13-14
    Jesus comes, arrives (Mt 24, 25): w13 7/15 7-8, 24
    Jesus inspects spiritual temple 1914-1919 (Mal 3:1-4): w13 7/15 11-12

  • Ding

    I would recommend picking a couple of key ones to show your mother, preferably on teachings that are important to her.

    If you try to hit her with too much, it will backfire.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    What evidence or proof does the governing body used that they are chosen from God?


    No evidence exists. It is based solely on their say so. Conveniently, everything involving the alleged events of 1919 happened "invisibly".

    My suggestion: why not ask your mother what one thing would cause her to doubt her beliefs or her religion is the true one? Whatever the answer is, that's what you discuss. Everyone has their "hot button", and trying to guess what that is by randomly choosing issues to dismantle may be a complete waste of effort and further entrench her into defending WT.

    [edit] Ding, you got there right before me. Great minds....

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    Very handy list and great link!

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