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  • kneehighmiah

    I had an idea. I was reading about the success of the Kony 2012 video and was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a documentary to coincide with the international conventions and the 100 year anniversary of Gods kingdom. The video would be less than 30 minutes long. JWs would NOT be the target audience. Instead the target audience would be the general public, most of whom are unaware of what JWs really teach despite 100 years of fruitless door to door evangelizing. The video would focus on the harm the cult causes members, particulary shunning, blood, higher education and child molestation. It would also point out how intolerant the watchtower is of other religions and worldly people (Include a priceless tight pants sound byte from Anthony Morris) Last but not least it would deal with the recent cash grab and highlight the 100 years of false prophecies.

    Again the target audience would not be JWs. Instead the video would bring the WT abuses and intolerance to public light. Hopefully local human rights activists, news media, politicians and celebrities would be moved to speak out against the injustices. This would force the organization to publicly comment on the allegations made in the video. Hopefully the negative pressure would trigger reform. If not, then there would still be hope that young open minded, intelligent JWS would be moved to do research and reconsider their beliefs. This is the demographic WT fears losing the most, as they cannot turn the organization over to uneducated unstable fanatics And survive.

    I believe we have yet to fully unleash the power of the internet to help wake people up. Kony 2012 has over 99 million views. If we even had a fraction of that success we could change history. What do you guys think? I'm going to begin pitching the idea.


    Sounds like a good idea, if done in a quality way. Probably most of the general public couldn't care less about the doings of JWs, but an intellectually curious subset might find a documentary interesting. Your proposal is cettainly worth promoting. Count me in as a supporter.

  • zebagain

    if/when you do please ensure the sound is... clear.. and not recorded in an echoing room. Microphone near mouth.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "fruitless door to door evangelizing"?

    I think the G.B. and the money-grabbers in Brooklyn might be smirking at that - especially in view of all the "fruit" which they are about to harvest from every congregation on the the planet!! :(

    The so-called "evangelizing" is just a religious front to recruit contributors, not converts!

  • Fernando

    Great idea kneehighmiah.

    Humans being humans, the more successful you are, the more support you'll get.

    Believe in yourself and your idea.

    That will see you through the initial inertia.

    PS - A possible market research question: "what would make you watch a 30 minute video on Jehovah's Witnesses"?

  • kneehighmiah

    Thanks guys. Im going to work hard. Hopefully this pans out.

  • jw07

    @kneehighmiah - For mainstream success the documentary will have to highlight VERIFIED FACTS about the Watchtower.

    Possible topics are

    Women's rights

    The Watchtower's misogynistic policies
    Barring women from leadership roles, relegating them to be subservient, gender discrimination such as the preface found in the Shepherd the Flock book that wives should not see that publication.

    Relegating them to head-dress when they are supposed to pray etc.

    Tying the fact that some oppressive nations and regions still punish and force women to wear head dress, and treat them as ‘lesser’ in these modern times.

    Violation of Human Rights

    You do not have the human right of freedom to choose your religion.

    Either you are in, or you are shunned.

    Cite examples like the woman in Sudan about to be KILLED for 'apostasy', and that she has had the right to choose religion or lack there of taken from her.


    Information Control and Suppression
    A FLURRY of quotes from publications about use of the internet, which serve to make sure that JWs don't research the truth.

    The organization being like North Korea with revisionist history.

    The sheer volume of books the average JW had drilled into their sculls in the near past. (Maybe video clips from XJs)

    Always citing THEIR OWN material as the tool to do your OWN research from. That could be prefaced and highlighted by asking questions like "Would you trust working for a large corporation if they forced you to only find out things about that organization from material they handed you?”

    REVISING information – quote damaging statements which were changed in different publications without acknowledgement. Contrast that kind of behavior to the Soviet regime and people like Stalin editing persons who fell of favor out of their history. Bring up Ray Franz too!

    Expenditure by the corporation is NOT disclosed to the public. Where are the funds going? Are they being used towards legal endeavors?

    Highlight that letters are NOT read in entirety to everyone. For instance with the new tithing arrangement, the congregations only heard 1 page.

    Quotes in elder’s letters about the purging of correspondence.

    IF it’s verifiable beyond a doubt the rumored database of pedophiles, and local offenders do actually exist, they should be mentioned.

    Highlight the push towards digital forms of their publications and how easily this can be updated across platforms, for instance with automatic app updates.

    Highlight inserted phrases in the bible such as governing body.

    Highlight revisionist history, such as them claiming that there was a governing body overseeing true Christians in the past.

    The whole 607 B.C.E charades, when most historians accept 586 or 587 B.C.E for the destruction of Jerusalem.

    Disfellowshipping and Judicial CommitteesNot a legal court, in essence a kangaroo court which operates at the mercy of men with, most of who have NO LEGAL TRAINING.

    Highlight similar extremist courts across the world which result in maiming, shunning, and murder.

    Highlight directives from the flock book about ways in which the corporation tries to distance itself from legal issues related to disfellowshipping, and control information about it.

    Highlight what the victims of shunning go through. Interviews would be great.

    People need to know that the full details about shunning / disfellowshipping aren’t usually plainly stated to new and potential recruits.


    Flip flopping on organ transplant and blood.

    The taking of fractions mandated by men, who claim they are only playing by the bible’s rules.

    The 1994 Awake about the children who were coerced to DIE ‘faithful’ by not taking blood.

    Highlight extremist groups who strap bombs to their children etc because of blind faith, and contrast that with JWs letting their kids asphyxiate to death when they could have gotten blood.

    They will take fractions of YOUR blood but will NOT DONATE THEIR BLOOD to YOU!!!

    Kicking you when you are down by disfellowshipping when you are already gravely ill, and took blood because you just wanted to LIVE.


    If they can be verified, highlight the correspondence with Hitler.

    Membership in the UN

    The flip flopping on the wild beast and what the imagery they preach about from the book of Daniel really means.

    The party card scandal in Malawi, and how they gave into politics elsewhere.

    They live free and want all their rights, but they refuse to fight for their country or vote so they can deserve those rights.

    The absurdity of some of their stances highlighted:
    What would happen if say South Korea had a predominantly large JW population?
    They would be invaded and oppressed by North Korea because there would be hardly anyone willing to defend the nation.

    Racism and discrimination

    Quotes about Negroes and the superiority of Caucasians in older publications for instance.

    Gay bashing, linking tight pants to gays (Anthony Morris talk audio)

    Failed prophecies and legal troubles

    The predictions and hype for 1914, 1919, 1925, 1975 etc etc.

    How they get increased membership and money by hyping dates and periods in history.

    How the WT has tried to slyly wiggle out of being responsible for making these assertions.

    “Some brothers believed that in 1975 etc.”

    CANDACE CONTI and that the average JW doesn’t know about that historical case. It would be great if there could be interviews with current JWs being asked about that case, and being in the dark about it.

    How they operate on your mind

    Contant GUILTING over simple decisons and feelings that everyone has.

    Inconsitently when it comes to dictating what you can and cannot do.
    For instance: You can't celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day etc. because they are 'pagan', BUT they still do things like allow the use of wedding viels, which one could use the same argument against.

    Check this out

    "There are many stories of the origin of a bride’s veil. Some say that the veil was introduced in ancient Rome. People of that era believed that evil spirits would be attracted to the bride, so they covered her face with a veil in order to conceal her features and confuse them. The definition of veil is to “obscure, shroud, mask or cover, so perhaps that is how the bridal “veil” got its name. It’s also said the in medieval times, the veil was used to protect her from “the evil eye” and was a symbol of purity, chastity, and modesty."


    Criteria for a group to be classified as a cult.

    They study you, are trained to observe you at the door, and play into your likes by altering their sales pitch to be in line with your interests and concerns.

    They ask questions and drill their propaganda into your head by answering with loaded language.

    Other points

    FEAR MONGERING – a compilation of all the fire, explosions, dying people, and Armageddon events on publications throughout the years.

    The generation flip flop and younger people being appointed to the governing body WHO KEEPS DYING OFF!

    135 years of promises, 100 years since the world was supposed to ‘end’.

    A call for shunning reform / end

    A call for public disclosure of expenditure to make sure there is no fraud, or support of terrorism for instance.

    The tithing arrangement and quotes about never tithing, and bashing other groups for doing so.

    Their crazy theories about women becoming men in the future. (past publications)

    MULTIPLE quotes about higher education (with publish dates)

    Rutherford’s alcohol problem and aggressive nature.

    Russell believing he was getting prophecies from the measurements of the Great Pyramid.

    Russell’s Miracle Wheat

  • kneehighmiah

    Yes it's critically important to be factual and even keeled. there is no room for hyperbole as it would just cause us to look like bitter dissenters. The idea would not be to produce hysertia but to bring condemnation upon the organization for its abuses. Someone earlier today pointed out how they screwed so many people by telling them they wouldn't grow old. I would love to put that quote in the video. I want to reach out to the creator of truth be told to see if he's interested. Anyone have his contact info?

  • jw07

    @kneehighmiah -

    I'm not seeing any email address, but, you can contact them from the Truth be Told website


    Here's a contact form for the agency that made it.


    Twitter: https://twitter.com/smithkraft

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hereliesthetruth?sk=w

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