Thus weeks cong book study! Such double standards.

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  • stuckinarut2

    Ok so this weeks book study says that Jehovah does not protect individuals in a miraculous way....

    BUT the yearbook gets filled with so called experiences of "faithful" ones blabbering on about "how god saved me etc"

    these ones are held up as examples of faith etc......

    How do they justify the double standards?

  • punkofnice

    Confirmaton Bias.

    Both eventualities covered. If you suffer - refer to Jehovah(tm) not protecting.

    If you escape suffering - refer to his help.

    It makes the R&F think they're part of something special. This in turn brings money to the GB.

    Simple propaganda stunts.

  • inbetween

    double standard is the second name of the wt-org

    higher education, blood, pagan origin, clergy, association with UN, questioning of doctrine, etc, etc...

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    How do they justify the double standards?

    WT is "God's Organization". Anything is fair long as god smiles on your every move.

    I'd love to see a new, official WT slogan that is truthful: "WT: Home of Massive Hypocrisy and the Double Standard".

  • Comatose

    lol... "god did it".... SO, if you get "helped by god" then its a blessing or he wanted to help you. If you get no help then god didn't like you as much or didn't want to bless you. How sad... The poor sister got raped, but at least the chickens multiplied fast in Angola.

  • Oubliette

    stuckinarut2: How do they justify the double standards?

    They don't even try.

    They don't have to: It's a cult!

  • WTWizard

    In fact, it is a communist situation. Joke-hova does in fact protect the organization itself. But it does nothing for the individuals doing the work. Which is typical of communism, double standard or not. And, since that thing has given me nothing but trouble while cutting me off from Satan's assistance, I intend to do nothing toward building up that organization--except possibly doing all I can to bring them bad luck should they ever force me back in.

  • What is Truth?
    What is Truth?

    He does protect them, plenty of warnings to stay focused on the 'truth' not looking about lest they be freed from servitude to the GB. Thus protecting them from happy lives experiencing this beautiful world as whole persons.

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