Unlimited Money

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  • pontoon

    We know the Place on the Lake was not their first choice. Another property in Tuxedo Park was but they were not able to get permits, lawsuits followed with the former owner, don't know how it turned out but it was a mess. Wat kept the property in Tuxedo to use as a staging zone for the big construction at Sterling Forest Lake. Both of these properties are very easy access to major highways just north of NYC and NJ, worth millions. They bought a Hampton Inn in Newburgh to house workers, right off the New York State Thruway, Interstate 84, near route 17 (Interstate 86), a mile from their flagship Newburgh Assembly Hall. About halfway in between Newburgh and Watchtower Farm they just bought a warehouse on Bracken Road in Montgomery NY where they will pre fab bathrooms for the Place on the Lake. Again, adjacent to major highways. As if they can't find enough room at Wat Farm or Patterson to do that. (If you have never seen the Farm or Patterson, they are HUGE complexes). They are trying to buy a 20 unit apartment complex down the road from the Lake. I think I'm fogetting another purchase where they are housing workers. Huge construction at the Farm and huge plans for expansion for Patterson. All prime properties. Unlimited money.

  • Magnum

    Thanks - didn't know all that. They'll never get another cent from me. I feel that they owe it to JWs to be transparent and inform them of these purchases and the reasons for them. I busted my ass and suffered for thirty years. I feel that I earned the right to be in the know. They take from orpans and widows. How will any out in the field benefit from those purchases? Why do they even need Warwick? I thought Patterson was to be the educational center. What's the purpose of Warwick? Is it supposed to be the new world headquarters? Why couldn't that be at Patterson? Why can't they just work out of FEMA trailers if the end is so near? No, the bigshots have to have luxury.

  • JustVisting

    "Woe to the one building... 14 the one saying, ‘I am going to build for myself a roomy house and commodious upper chambers; and my windows must be widened out for it, and the paneling will be with cedar and smeared with vermilion"

  • Imminent1975

    I visited a friend (overseer) while they were building Patterson, (I worked at Patterson for 6+ months while I had visa/passport work done to get into another country and build another branch), he mentioned several times if the brothers would just contribute $20 per publisher, the society would have plenty of money. If I remember correctly, they were spending six figures a month on food alone for the workers on Patterson.

    But think of 1,200,000 publishers? (is this accurate?) with the expected contribution of $20 per publisher each month. That's 24 Million a month. I think they should be able to make ends meet for their work in Warwick. LOL.

  • factfinder

    The WEC will be increased by over 900,000 sq ft including a 500,000 sq ft office bldg if they stick to their plans to expand there. If so, WEC will have 2.8 million sq ft of floor space in it's buildings.

    Wallkill will have some 2.5 million sq ft of floor space in it's buildings when expansion is completed there by the end of next year.

    Warwick will have 1.5 million sq ft of floor space in it's bldgs once construction is completed there in 2017.

    But by selling all 42 of the Brooklyn properties (that was the total before anything was sold) they lose around 4 million sq ft of floor space.

    Sorry if this is boring anyone! lol!

    They wanted to build in Ramapo originally, could not get tax exempt status. I wonder what happened to the property they bought there?

  • pontoon

    Factfinder, good stats. They still have the property in Ramapo. That's the piece they are using for staging for the Place on the Lake. I called it Tuxedo, but it is the same place. Was a law suit with the owner there about Wat getting money back because they couldn't get permits or tax exemption but their time limit had expired, something like that. Don't know how it ended.

    Magnum, the Warwick site on Goggle Maps is already named the World Headquarters.....JW's

  • factfinder

    Thank you Pontoon!

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