Camping season is upon us

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  • flowerfreaks2

    Anyone likes to go camping? My family and I love to go camping. Really looking forward to this summer and getting out there again. I remember going tent camping as a kid with my mom. I hated that she made us get dressed Sunday morning and drive to a local hall for the meeting. "Your never on vacation from Jehovah" she use to say.

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    We have tent camped for 20 years but our bones are older even with those fancy air mattresses. We bought a small hard-bodied travel trailer; my husband is ecstatic (me too but he just lights up). We can travel less expensively now and in comfort throughout the US and Canada and avoid hotels. We can keep it at a camping area and then drive to the sights. I am an amateur geologist and wildflower indentifier.

    We are doing 2 practices near our home and then out west to revisit places we went 15 years ago and 3 new ones. Hopefully the fires will not appear as they have in past summers. I can remember having to avoid Montana one year with the black haze of smoke on the mountains. The land of wide open spaces and a population that is not like the coasts. We are visiting Native American sites, a big part of my American family heritage. We are going to revisit the Grand Canyon...a big tourist goal for many Germans in September...

    No meetings though.......

    I remember an elder and his family that camped at Disney for 4 weeks over the Xmas holidays, missing the CO visit, and never attending a single meeting. The local jws said that was pretty much par for the course.

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