Would WTS use: 'right to be forgotten'?

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  • Da.Furious

    As you are aware of the new ruling that was made by the European Court that allows anyone to apply for any old stuff on the internet search engines to be removed – basically untagged.

    There are several articles discussing this new ruling and how this will impact search engines and peoples life. Apparently a paedophile in addition to the person who won the case applied for this 'right to be forgotten'.

    The question here, I know in the US there is the freedom of speech and apparently this ruling will not have much effect on USA, do you think the WTS will apply for something like this and request all old material they have published prior to 2000 be removed completely from the search engines?


    I don't know?!?! It sure sounds like some Orwellian tactic that they would love! It wouldn't do them much good because we can all save their junk and repost at any time.


  • BluesBrother

    This has come back into the news this week since it seems tha it is taking effect


    This was reported in the same newspaper on 18 May:

    Last week's judgment by the European court of justice allowing anyone to demand that a search engine should remove unwanted information from its index – even if it is accurate, lawful, and publicly available elsewhere – is a dangerous step in the wrong direction.

    Since the ruling an ex-politician seeking re-election, a man convicted of possessing child abuse images and a doctor seeking to remove negative reviews from patients, are reported to be among the first to send takedown notices to Google. Privacy is a universal right that must be protected, but this overreaching judgment is far more likely to aid the powerful in attempts to rewrite history, than afford individuals more influence over their online identities.

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