God without Worshipers

by Terry 6 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Terry

    What is God without worshipers, but a mind afloat in an empty sea of nothing? An empty ear of eternal silence?

    We are the only music;

    we are the voices;

    we are the hymn to Him.

    And by our singing we father the Father in us all.

  • suavojr

    So are you saying God is nothing without us? Or Do we need him to be happy?

  • Terry

    Well, I don't know how much I really buy into the idea of God as we have it presented to us in THE BOOK.

    What is the point in being God without "others" ?

    What do the cotton pickin' angels do but tediously exclaim praises the live-long eternity.

    Who could tolerate this as something desirable?

    Is there actual necessity to go beyond YOUR OWN IMAGINATION if you are God?

    Why implement with ___matter___which is degradable what is perfectly wonderful in the imagined mind?

    Why would God create INFERIORS and expect anything but grief?

    We've all hashed this out many, many times and many ways already in the past.

    It just suddenly struck me today how the Creator needs Toadies, creates Toadies and then complains about how they disappoint them and

    he's gonna destroy them . . . but he, um, Loves them.

  • bigmac

    god---without worshippers------isnt

  • Vidiot

    Channelling Deepak Chopra, Terry?

  • LockedChaos

    This was the premise

    of a Star Trek episode

    "Platos Stepchildren".

    The gods were nothing

    without anyone to worship them.

    BTW Terry

    Read your book.

    Well Done my friend.

  • Terry

    Thank you, Locked Chaos. I appreciate your saying that.

    What I did was spill my privacy in front of others and then stand there embarrased, thinking "who cares?"

    That you cared is everything.

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