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  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    I was speaking with my brother who lives in the NYC area. His congregation is assigned to the convention at Metlife (pro football stadium) in NJ. His congregation is hosting delegates. The branch sent a letter with direction on hospitality. The branch said it is OK to have parties, get-togethers, or whatever you want to call them, at the Kingdom Hall.

    How the hell does that work after all the articles we've had telling JW's that's a bad thing that is innappropriate to do at a KH. No surprise that the GB changes their mind to suit their whims. Fucking terrible people.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    As long as it's missionaries or other elites and it could be used for cult propaganda then it's fine, any one else is just classed as riff raff and given the finger.

  • steve2

    Just don't play Michael Jackson's "Beat It" over the intercom.

  • kneehighmiah

    Wine was served at the Kingdom Halls in Argentina. Dancing also took place. Tango at the assembly hall. No joke.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The Glorious Ones at the top of the pyramid (as well as the ones lower down) have really missed the boat regarding Kingdom Halls.

    They could have been very instrumental for bonding congregations socially - especially for younger ones who will readily go elsewhere for entertainment.

    As it is, any congregation social event has to take place in a RENTED hall (money wasted!!) somewhere locally.

    G.B. - did you take note???? Money......revenue........income???

  • scary21

    Wasn't there a song with the line " Party at the kingdom hall " I think it was from the 70's.......must have been a

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