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    I previously posted under HowTheBibleWasInvented but after my computer needed rebooting I lost all my sign in info thus the new name:

    Here is some new research:

    To start I used to believe in a historical David. After all the Tel Dan and Mesha Steele* confirmed his existance ... or so I thought.

    *The Mesha Steele was broken however a rubbing was taken before it was broken confirming the inscription

    Having read Finkelstien's books I was quite aware that had David existed he would have been a tribal leader. However recently reading 2 Kings I hit on a severe blow to a hostorical David theory. To sum up lets first see which prophets mention David:

    740-700BCE Isaiah (Before chapter 36)- House of David or Throne of David <<< Sounds like a title of Judean Kings but fits the title in the Tel Dan and Mesha Steele

    600BCE Jeremiah makes the same referances to house or throne of David until chapter 25.


    After 587 BCEJeremiah 26-52 (By it's own admisssion added by Baruch the Son of Nereiah) personifiy David. After since many schooler point out that the Dtr. History (Dueteronomy-2 Kings) is from the same author David is personified their too.

    597-565 BCE Ezekiel is curious. He personifies David in a mystical way as being a ressurection.

    At this point some will object and say "What about Hosea and Amos?"

    Oracles before 750BCE Hosea simply says: 'David will be their King'. Very vauge and likly refering to the house of Judah's rulars.

    Before 770BCE Amos says: David was a musician and mentions a tent of David. This is not the same person.


    Read: (NWT 2013)

    1 Kings 16

    15 In the 27th year of King A′sa of Judah, Zim′ri became king for seven days in Tir′zah while the troops were camped against Gib′be·thon,+ which belonged to the Phi·lis′tines. 16 In time the troops who were encamped heard it being said: “Zim′ri has conspired and has also struck down the king.” So all Israel made Om′ri,+ the chief of the army, king over Israel on that day in the camp.17 Om′ri and all Israel with him went up from Gib′be·thon and laid siege to Tir′zah. 18 When Zim′ri saw that the city had been captured, he went into the fortified tower of the king’s house* and burned the house down over himself, and he died.+ 19 This was for his own sins that he had committed by doing what was bad in the eyes of Jehovah by walking in the way of Jer·o·bo′am and for the sin he had caused Israel to commit.+ 20 As for the rest of the history of Zim′ri and his conspiracy, is it not written in the book of the history of the times of the kings of Israel?

    Anyone see a 'Saul' here? Gibeah... Suicide.. Tragedy


    21 It was then that the people of Israel were divided into two factions. One part of the people became followers of Tib′ni the son of Gi′nath, wanting to make him king, and the other part followed Om′ri. 22 But the people who were following Om′ri prevailed over the people following Tib′ni the son of Gi′nath. So Tib′ni died, and Om′ri became king.

    A Saul,David story but Omri is not only known in arceology he was the King that established Israel's strongest dynesty.

    Continuing into humor lol>

    23 In the 31st year of King A′sa of Judah, Om′ri became king over Israel, and he reigned for 12 years. In Tir′zah he reigned for six years. 24 He bought the mountain of Sa·mar′i·a from She′mer for two talents* of silver, and he built a city on the mountain. He named the city that he built Sa·mar′i·a,*+ after She′mer the owner* of the mountain. 25 Om′ri kept doing what was bad in the eyes of Jehovah, and he was worse than all who were prior to him.+ 26 He walked in all the ways of Jer·o·bo′am the son of Ne′bat and in the sin he had caused Israel to commit by offending Jehovah the God of Israel with their worthless idols.+ 27 As for the rest of the history of Om′ri, what he did and his mighty exploits, is it not written in the book of the history of the times of the kings of Israel?28 Then Om′ri was laid to rest with his forefathers and was buried in Sa·mar′i·a; and his son A′hab+ became king in his place.29 A′hab the son of Om′ri became king over Israel in the 38th year of King A′sa of Judah, and A′hab the son of Om′ri reigned over Israel in Sa·mar′i·a+ for 22 years. 30 A′hab the son of Om′ri was worse in the eyes of Jehovah than all those who were prior to him.+ 31 As if it were a trivial thing for him to walk in the sins of Jer·o·bo′am+the son of Ne′bat, he also took as wife Jez′e·bel+ the daughter of Eth·ba′al, the king of the Si·do′ni·ans,+ and began to serve Ba′al+ and to bow down to him.

    The humor is this author's (Baruch) idea of a good rular is laughable. Hoever note Ahab and Jezebel will have a daughter and two sons:

    Jehoram, Ahaziah and Ataliah. It is the later that with marry a King (cheiftan)of Judah

    Before I dive into that issue 2 Kings 3 is the battle of the Mesha Steele. It claims Jehosaphat was King. Not likely. He might have been a cheiftan but he was clearly UNDER Jehoram of Israel. Thus Mesha Stele simply says a rular from the house of David.


    2 Kings 8:

    25 In the 12th year of Je·ho′ram the son of A′hab the king of Israel, A·ha·zi′ah the son of King Je·ho′ram of Judah became king.+ 26 A·ha·zi′ah was 22 years old when he became king, and he reigned for one year in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Ath·a·li′ah+ the granddaughter* of King Om′ri+ of Israel. 27 He walked in the way of the house of A′hab+ and kept doing what was bad in Jehovah’s eyes, like the house of A′hab, for he was related to the house of A′hab by marriage.+ 28 So he went with Je·ho′ram the son of A′hab to wage war against King Haz′a·el of Syria at Ra′moth-gil′e·ad,+but the Syrians wounded Je·ho′ram.+ 29 So King Je·ho′ram returned to Jez′re·el+ to recover from the wounds that the Syrians had inflicted on him at Ra′mah when he fought against King Haz′a·el of Syria.+ A·ha·zi′ah the son of Je·ho′ram the king of Judah went down to Jez′re·el to see Je·ho′ram the son of A′hab, because he had been wounded.*

    Ahaziah was part of the house of Omri? The son of the BELOVED daughter of Ahab and Jezebel


    And what happens in chapoter 9 and 10 and 11?

    Jehu (working for Syria according to the Tel Dan Steele) overthrows Ahabs house and NOTE THIS>>

    2 Kings 10:

    12 Then he got up and went on his way to Sa·mar′i·a. The binding house* of the shepherds was on the way.13 There Je′hu encountered the brothers of King A·ha·zi′ah+ of Judah, and he said to them, “Who are you?” They said: “We are the brothers of A·ha·zi′ah, and we are on our way down to ask if all is well with the sons of the king and the sons of the queen mother.”* 14 Immediately he said: “Capture them alive!” So they captured them alive and slaughtered them at the cistern of the binding house, 42 men. He did not let a single one of them survive.+

    Shockingly Baruch attempts to stupidly turn this around in chapter 11>>

    Now when Ath·a·li′ah,+ A·ha·zi′ah’s mother, saw that her son had died,+ she rose up and destroyed the entire royal line.*+ 2 However, Je·hosh′e·ba the daughter of King Je·ho′ram, A·ha·zi′ah’s sister, took Je·ho′ash+ the son of A·ha·zi′ah and stole him away from among the sons of the king who were to be put to death, keeping him and his nurse in an inner bedroom. They managed to keep him concealed from Ath·a·li′ah, so he was not put to death. 3 He remained with her for six years, hidden at the house of Jehovah, while Ath·a·li′ah was ruling over the land.


    Jehu clearly tried to stamp out the House of the Beloved (David) since it was part of the house of Omri. Jehoash surived. and later (7 years) the priests would kill Ataliah.

    So if David was a title for the house of Judah from then on how come he was personified???

    Because of a Robin Hood like Hebrew Song likely written in the 600s BCE. It is perseved in 2 Samuel 23>>>

    8 These are the names of David’s mighty warriors:+ Jo′sheb-bas·she′beth a Tah·che′mo·nite, the head of the three.+ He brandished his spear over 800 slain at one time. 9 Next to him, El·e·a′zar+ the son of Do′do+ the son of A·ho′hi was among the three mighty warriors with David when they taunted the Phi·lis′tines. They had gathered there for the battle, and when the men of Israel retreated, 10 he stood his ground and kept striking down the Phi·lis′tines until his arm grew weary and his hand became stiff from gripping the sword.+ So Jehovah brought about a great victory* on that day;+ and the people returned behind him to strip the slain. 11 Next to him was Sham′mah the son of A′gee the Har′a·rite. The Phi·lis′tines gathered together at Le′hi, where there was a plot of land full of lentils; and the people fled because of the Phi·lis′tines. 12 But he took his stand in the middle of the field and defended it and kept striking down the Phi·lis′tines, so that Jehovah brought about a great victory.*+ 13 Three of the 30 headmen went down during the harvest to David at the cave of A·dul′lam,+ and a company* of the Phi·lis′tines was camped in the Valley*of Reph′a·im.+

    Npote the incredably hilarious story below>>

    14 David was then in the stronghold,+and an outpost of the Phi·lis′tines was in Beth′le·hem. 15 Then David expressed his longing: “If only I could have a drink of the water from the cistern by the gate of Beth′le·hem!” 16 At that the three mighty warriors forced their way into the camp of the Phi·lis′tines and drew water from the cistern by the gate of Beth′le·hem and brought it to David; but he refused to drink it and poured it out to Jehovah.+ 17 He said: “It is unthinkable on my part, O Jehovah, that I should do this! Should I drink the blood+of the men going at the risk of their lives?”* So he refused to drink it. These are the things that his three mighty warriors did.

    18 A·bish′ai+ the brother of Jo′ab the son of Ze·ru′iah+was the head of another three; he brandished his spear over 300 slain, and he had a reputation like the three.+ 19 Although he was the most distinguished of the other three and he was their chief, he did not attain to the rank of the first three. 20 Be·nai′ah+ the son of Je·hoi′a·da was a courageous man* who performed many exploits in Kab′ze·el.+ He struck down the two sons of Ar′i·el of Mo′ab, and he descended into a waterpit on a snowy day and killed a lion.+ 21 He also struck down an Egyptian man of extraordinary size. Though the Egyptian had a spear in his hand, he went against him with a rod and snatched the spear away from the Egyptian’s hand and killed him with his own spear. 22 These things Be·nai′ah the son of Je·hoi′a·da did, and he had a reputation like that of the three mighty warriors. 23 Although he was distinguished even more than the thirty, he did not attain to the rank of the three. However, David appointed him over his own bodyguard. 24 As′a·hel+ the brother of Jo′ab was among the thirty: El·ha′nan the son of Do′do of Beth′le·hem,+ 25 Sham′mah the Ha′rod·ite, E·li′ka the Ha′rod·ite, 26 He′lez+the Pal′tite, I′ra+ the son of Ik′kesh the Te·ko′ite, 27 Abi-e′zer+ the An′a·thoth·ite,+ Me·bun′nai the Hu′shath·ite, 28 Zal′mon the A·ho′hite, Ma′ha·rai+ the Ne·toph′a·thite, 29 He′leb the son of Ba′a·nah the Ne·toph′a·thite, It′tai the son of Ri′bai of Gib′e·ah of the Ben′ja·min·ites, 30 Be·nai′ah+ a Pir′a·thon·ite, Hid′dai of the wadis* of Ga′ash,+ 31 A′bi-al′bon the Ar′bath·ite, Az′ma·veth the Bar-hu′mite, 32 E·li′ah·ba the Sha·al′bo·nite, the sons of Ja′shen, Jon′a·than, 33 Sham′mah the Har′a·rite, A·hi′am the son of Sha′rar the Har′a·rite, 34 E·liph′e·let the son of A·has′bai the son of the Ma·ac′a·thite, E·li′am the son of A·hith′o·phel+ the Gi′lon·ite, 35 Hez′ro the Car′mel·ite, Pa′a·rai the Ar′bite, 36 I′gal the son of Nathan of Zo′bah, Ba′ni the Gad′ite, 37 Ze′lek the Am′mon·ite, Na′ha·rai the Be·er′oth·ite, the armor-bearer of Jo′ab the son of Ze·ru′iah, 38 I′ra the Ith′rite, Ga′reb the Ith′rite,+ 39 and U·ri′ah+ the Hit′tite—37 in all.

    Likely Baruch personified David from the song and wrote him into history in a times past.

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