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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Even though I have never been a JW, I hope just as much as many of you to bring the WT to its knees, even put it behind in the annals of history of millenarian religions. One thing that gets me very very upset is the abuses commited against all children raised in a JW household. The list is long


    No higher education

    Psichological damage with all that scary literature

    "No celebratons", which may have a deleterious effect in the mind of young ones


    Blood policy, etc

    A strong case against the WT can be made to the public through an organization that is devoted to protecting children by means of messages in the internet, signs pamphlets.

    The AAWA thing may not get much traction because most people don't care about people who belonged to whacky religions, but if you mention damage to children then the public is willing to listen. For the first time in my last two years studying the WT doctrines I feel that I have a great idea to undermine the WT growth and the spreading of their horrible message.

    I have had a great life in every sense, that's why from time to time I try to help someone who is not as lucky as I have been; I want to pay pack the blessings. However, I need to find that cause that is much greater than all the little deeds that I have done for individuals. I think this type of project is that driving force that will add more meaning to my life. I don't have the leadership skills, but I got the passion against the WT. I need people to join the idea and eventually the project

    What do you guys think?

  • ABibleStudent

    Hi never a jw, I feel that you should follow your heart. Nothing is stopping you from writing to your Congressional representatives.

    I have written numerous letters to my Congressmen/Congresswomen about changing tax laws for non-profit corporations. Although the WTBTS promotes to JWs actions that I feel border on emotional child abuse, I feel it would be better to limit any changes to tax laws to requiring that non-profit corporations must

    1. Immediately report child abuse/molestation and other violent crimes such as rape to appropriate law enforcement before reporting it to the corporation's legal department,
    2. Institute effective policies to protect children from member/volunteers/employees abusing/molesting children,
    3. Promote tolerance of religious/racial/sexual differences and of physical/psychological/emotional handicaps, and
    4. Avoid using Behavioral, Information, Thought, and Emotional (BITE) Control techniques (e.g., shunning, not associating with non-members) to "unduly influence" members and former members.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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