NZ Watch Tower Society closed down

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  • Viva la Vida
    Viva la Vida

    I've just found out this in the Charity Registry of New Zealand.

    The Watch Tower Society of NZ closed down, not just Bethel (that was sold some time ago), but the legal entity. They have another entity in NZ, but this one was the owner of Bethel. Does any one know why was this done?

  • cultBgone

    Don't have a clue, would like to know the details.

    Thought the original registration info quite bizarre also:

    (Provides religious services / activities), Sponsors / undertakes research, Acts as an umbrella / resource body, Provides services (e.g. care / counselling), Provides advice / information / advocacy, Provides other finance (e.g. investment funds), Provides buildings / facilities / open space
    (General public), Children / young people, Other charities, Older people, People with disabilities, Religious groups, Children / young people, Children / young people
    So the WTBTS of New Zealand provided "finance" activities such as "investment funds" but if that's matched to the Beneficiaries, only Religious groups benefitted. Nice cover up.
    And those who benefitted from all the other research and counseling and advice were the Children, Young People, those with Disabilities and Older People.
    Good lord.

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