The Watchtower - getting the science wrong for 100 years (at least)

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  • Saltheart Foamfollower
    Saltheart Foamfollower

    Did anyone else spot this on the back page of the Feb study watchtower (just finished it today). There is a proud display of clips from the photo drama and they have selected one showing a "Gigantosaurus - 160ft long- the largest animal known". From what I've researched, no such dinosaur existed (though in 1914 they may have thought otherwise) Most people know that the blue whale is the largest animal that has ever existed, so the question is; Why did they choose this clip? Is someone on the inside trying to find incriminating pictures? Is it just unlucky incompetence? Unless it is deliberate, showing it displays a pretty poor knowledge of science (as if that's a surprise to any of us)

  • prologos

    yeah, that looked exaggerated behind those tiny elephants, They probably got the cube law wrong. they had two choices, both bad, alter the image or show it as it was.

    If that is the only mistakes they made, we would not be here on this forum today.

  • subytrek

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Sometimes things like this make me think there are closet apostates on the inside trying to get people to think and get out or keep people from ever joining.

  • Vidiot

    Yeah, "Gigantosaurus" is only known from a couple of vertebra fragments and the nomenclature is dubious, to say the least.

    They initially thought Seismosaurs might be that big, too, but they seem to be revising that view.

    It's all good, that's how science works.

    SaltheartFoamfollower - "...showing it displays a pretty poor knowledge of science..."

    Remember the Awake article on dinos from the early 90s? They described T-Rex's feet as "elephantine".

    This should not come as a shock.

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