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    I want to thank ms concernd and leaving quietly in advance for the idea for this topic.


    This is an example of an article on EMAILING and how mind control is done through the WBATS which leads to cognitive dissonance. I also need to find and post the article on not holding hands during the prayer, no beards, no private discussions, no research or outside information, no accepting others religious materials if it is offered, no higher education, no talking to or even emailing/texting "disfellowshipped" family and whatever else could be found. If anyone has that it would be great to post it all together.

    It was a km 11/99 "Use of the Internet - Be Alert to the Dangers!"

    27 Internet E-Mail: Although sharing personal experiences or thoughts among family or friends who live far apart is appropriate, is it really loving to pass these on to others who may not know your family or friends? Or should these be posted on a Web page for just anyone to read? Are these personal messages to be copied and sent indiscriminately to people whom you may or may not know? Likewise, if you receive messages from others that were clearly not intended for you, is it loving to pass them on to still others?

    28 What if the experience you pass on is not accurate? Would this not be sharing in perpetuating an untruth? (Prov. 12:19; 21:28; 30:8; Col. 3:9) Certainly, keeping “strict watch that how [we] walk is not as unwise but as wise persons” would move us to consider this. (Eph. 5:15) How happy we are that the Yearbook, The Watchtower, and Awake! are filled with verifiable experiences that encourage us and motivate us to keep walking in “the way”!—Isa. 30:20, 21.

    29 There is also another danger. The apostle Paul said concerning some: “They also learn to be unoccupied, gadding about to the houses; yes, not only unoccupied, but also gossipers and meddlers in other people’s affairs, talking of things they ought not.” (1 Tim. 5:13) This argues against spending time and effort passing on frivolous information to our brothers.

    30 Think, too, of the amount of time that it takes to keep up with a large quantity of E-mail. Interestingly, the book Data Smog stated: “As one spends more and more time online, e-mail quickly changes from being a stimulating novelty to a time-consuming burden, with dozens of messages to read and answer every day from colleagues, friends, family, . . . and unsolicited sales pitches.” Further, it states: “Many electronic glutizens have picked up the very bad habit of forwarding every entertaining nugget they receive—jokes, urban myths, electronic chain letters, and more—to everyone on their electronic address book.”

    31 This has been evident in the E-mail circulated among many of the brothers—such items as jokes or humorous stories about the ministry; poetry presumably based on our beliefs; illustrations from various talks heard at assemblies, conventions, or at the Kingdom Hall; experiences from the field ministry; and so forth—things that seem innocent enough. Most routinely forward such E-mail without checking the source, making it difficult to know who really is the originator, which ought to make one wonder if the information is really true.—Prov. 22:20, 21.

    32 Such often-frivolous messages are not the kind of healthful words that Paul had in mind when he wrote to Timothy, saying: “Keep holding the pattern of healthful words that you heard from me with the faith and love that are in connection with Christ Jesus.” (2 Tim. 1:13) The “pure language” of Scriptural truth has “the pattern of healthful words” based mainly on the Bible’s theme of the vindication of Jehovah’s sovereignty by means of the Kingdom. (Zeph. 3:9) We should make every effort to devote all our available time and energy to support this vindication of Jehovah’s sovereignty.

    The last time I checked I don't remember reading about Jesus sending and email to Paul telling them to becareful in their use of emails. I like how they can apply a scripture to anything...

    I did not know there was information and direction this intrusive and direct about the use of your own personal emails??? If this doesn't have CULT mind control written all over it I don't know what does??? This single article may have stopped countless rank and file JWs from having their eyes truly opended!!! If you think about it... They didn't say don't forward "BAD" or "GOOD" experiences. They went with ALL experiences across the board! In my opinion, this is so they don't have things such as child abuse articles, their behind the scenes investments, spening and money dealings, U N connections or who knows what about their secretive practices that they don't mention in the WT magazines, getting out to the rank and file. They want to have total control of the information the rank and file recieve even if it means they don't get to hear about a "GOOD" experience, just so it eliminates them hearing about all the "BAD" ones. They'll put all the good ones you need to hear about in the WT articles and publications like the yearbook, such as a man's chickens surviving after he goes to a meeting, but you'll never hear about the bad ones. This gives them total control of your thinking abilities. It goes beyond simply telling you to avoid certain websites, but taps into your thoughts setting off cognitive dissonance, causing you to decide wether or not you believe something outside of the WT to be "TRUTH" at all... This is in line with one of their latest articles entitled, should you trust the media?


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    Love it that the WT warns against urban myths.

    Maybe they should have checked up on snopes before that assembly account of someone shooting himself in the head and surviving.


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