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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I find it interesting that the WT is boasting about the 100 year anniversary of the kingdom in 2014, but I have never seen an explanation on how they calculate it. I know how to get to 1914 using the Bible (Ezekiel, Revelation, Daniel, Jeremiah). In fact, I know all the messy stuff behind it, such as 606 BCE, 537 BCE, mishandling of no-zero year in the calendar, 536 BCE instead of 539 BCE, etc.

    What I am wondering is when was the last time the WT wrote an article in the WT magazine to explain in the weekly meeting how to calculate 1914. If this year is so important, one would expect an explanation in a regular basis, but I have not seen it yet. I know a bunch of recently baptized dubs that have no idea how to calculate 1914. I suspect I could find the explanation in the Insight books, but I want to know the last explanation in an article for the WT study. I get the feeling that the WT stopped giving those messy explanations a long time ago.

    Thanks for your help

  • Magnum

    It seems to me that they don't include the details of the calculation in the Watchtower study anymore. The last exaplanation I remember is in the appendix to the book What Does the Bible Really Teach? beginning page 215. In Watchtower Studies, they just refer, usually in a footnote, to the book.

  • TTATTelder

    I agree. I guess it's too messy for them to deal with anymore.

    It's a dumbed down version of the religion today. The meetings are like a broken record.


  • A.proclaimer

    You have a good point there. When I've looked at past publications, they've explained the 1914 calculation. I think they just assume the reader already knows since the Watchtower study is made for believers. 1914 is in the Teach book as an extra to read.

  • zebagain

    TTaTT E: a broken record. Yes It was raised by a DO that many who have left stated "I heard it all before". sadly true.

  • Ocean1111

    Actually having understood the basic rules of the JW theology, I find it amazing modern Jehovah's witnesses themselves cannot explain their own core prophetic interpretations. Ask any elder on earth to explain Daniel 8:14 or Zechariah 3 and you will get a "I gotta go look that up". JWs cannot explain Daniel 12, or Revelation 8-11 even to themselves.

    This was not always the case by the way. So to have such a dumbed down version of a JW 2.0 today, required just as much design and effort as producing a 1955 version Jehovah's Witnesses 1.0. And that means the Bethel vaudeville is just a kabuki, an act, a play, and engineered self fulfilling prophecy that will allow Jehovah's witnesses to witness and accept a 4 billion dollar global liquidation, for the global bankers, and accept it all as "prophecy fulfilling".

    Jehovah's witnesses now believe a Bethel engineered "self fulfilling prophecy" that will conceal the reality of the corporate downfall.

    It is no accident it looks hollow, sounds hollow and is hollow, but filled with money and assets that JW slave labor can now kiss goodbye with all their properties too boot, as Bethel's Pharoah splits.

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