The future of "memorial emblems"

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  • theopug


    Any of you guys remember memorial invitations from the 80s?

    It seemed like a lot of them had a picture of a glass of wine and a plate of bread. This year's invite and at least 2 years prior, no emblems are shown in the invite. Also, in the prior song book the 3rd verse was all about the wine and bread. The mention of wine and bread is missing from the current memorial song.

    Add to this is the fact that over 13,000 and growing are drinking wine on memorial night (much to the displeasure of the society).

    Me thinks the wine and bread are going soon............

    Your thoughs -

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle


    But...then this memorial MAY be the LAST Memorial!

  • cultBgone

    Always thought it odd how the number of "Partakers" continued to rise each year. It was supposed to be spiraling down to almost zero so the END could come!

    Whoops, let's change our theology once again...

  • prologos

    May be the GB will form a MEMORIA EMBLEMS committee, to decide

    who really is of "the saints that keep marching in" and

    decide like the Vatican who can be canonized.and talking about

    the RCC: the did not drop ALL the Emblems, just the WINE ?,

    not a drop of wine, just the bread, that's crummy

  • blondie

    The WTS likes to just stop mentioning ideas and things rather than directly saying anything. Does the memorial talk still dwell a lot on who should partake? Haven't been to the "memorial" myself for 12 years (13 including this year). I have purposely not looked at an "invite." So many congregations don't have an anointed jw attending. Even with the increase each year in new partakers, 12,000 does not compare to the 17 million or so that attend (only 7 million of these jws).

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