Brooklyn vs Jersalem

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  • Clambake


    Unbaptized mate here.

    In my dealing with the Jehovah witnesses do you ever find it odd they seem to be more obsessed with visiting Bethel Brooklyn New York than Jerusalem Israel. I have evangelical Christians Ned Flanders type Christians in my family and they are all about visiting the holy land.

    Jehovah Witnesses seem to care less but sure get a boner about the magical men in Brooklynn. Just find it odd.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Oh, I have wanted to see the Holy Land since I was a Witness. Most of my Jewish friends went to see Israel. My Christian friends used to have me in hysterics describing how tacky most sights are. The Holy Land is the scene of Bible stuff. We were never taught Bible stuff. Rather, we were taught JW stuff. Besides, a trip to the Holy Land is not cheap. The money should go to Brooklyn. Most ministers/priests who go get free trips if they bring a sufficient number of tourists.

    If the GB were spirit directed, the spirit should direct them to the Promised Land, Manhattan. What are they doing across the harbor?

    Does anyone know when they will take down the clock? I would like to have video.

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