Hospital Liaison Committee Procedure

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  • Scully

    Can anyone shed light on how the "chain of command" for the Hospital Liaison Committees work?

    All I remember being told from the platform was that in the event that a JW was hospitalized and blood transfusions became an issue, Joe or Jane Jaydub had to

    1) inform congregation elders, who would then

    2) contact the Hospital Liaison Committee

    We were told that the HLC would then meet with hospital personnel, but are there procedures and protocols that the HLC must follow?

    As I recall, the WTS provided the HLC with a list of physicians who were willing to work with JWs in terms of bloodless treatment. The list was not for general distribution, and you were not allowed to see it unless a "situation" developed.

    When a "situation" develops:
    - Are HLC members supposed to contact the WTS Branch Office?
    - Or does the HLC put the individuals concerned directly
    in contact with lawyers who will work on their behalf?
    - Is there a list of attorneys who will work on behalf of JWs?
    - If there is, from where does this list originate?

    These are questions that have me very, very curious.

    Does anyone know??

    Love, Scully

  • ozziepost

    G'day Scully,

    All will be revealed!!

    See my next thread on this topic.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Scully

    Thanks so much Ozzie!!

    I'd almost forgotten about this thread. Patience really is a virtue!

    Love, Scully

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