Prayers and comments at meetings

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  • bobld

    It is beyond doubt by their comment the R & F worship the 7 or 8 so called GB/FDS men of the watchtower organization.

    Thus when they watch the May broadcast and the GB/FDS is asking for money they (R&F) will sell their birthright,house,car,forgo medical treatment,etc and will give(bow to the GB/FDS) it all to the watchtower organization.

    So sad---deja vu pre 1975 when will they learn.

    Just my two cents people can worship WHAT EVER---- a rats ass for all I care.However,I would question their charity status.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It's long, long, overdue for governments (especially in the U.K. & U.S.) to redefine the legal definition of the word "charity" with regards to tax exemptions and the inherent benefits.

    Giving people free literature/studies of a religion's beliefs, should not, and does not merit charitable status!

    A close scrutiny by the IRS/HMRC into such money-making entities will quickly establish whose lives are being improved more substantially from the donations/business practices - the ones running the "charity", or people who are genuinely in need of day-day necessities and care.

    Anecdotal evidence gives proof that there are at least 9 people in the world who neither need nor carry cash or credit cards - the Queen of the U.K., the Pope, and the 7 G.B. members of the CCoJW's.

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