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  • deddaisy

    I'm not sure if this has been posted, but it's worth posting again for those that haven't seen it......Again, the article is from a database so I don't have a link.......
    _Copyright 2002 Interfax News Agency
    News Bulletin

    March 06, 2002, Wednesday

    LENGTH: 511 words

    HEADLINE: Jehovah's Witnesses' Moscow community accused of family breakup in court


    MOSCOW. March 6 (Interfax) Moscow's Golovinsky Court continues its examination of the case on closing the Moscow
    community of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Muscovite Raisa Zemlyanskaya gave testimony at a court session on March 5, in which she said that since her husband Alexander
    joined the Jehovah's Witnesses, he began to estrange himself from his relatives. He ceased taking part in family holidays,
    referring to his new convictions, and refused to go to their country house as usual. He began attending the religious organization's
    meetings and helping other members study the Bible. Raisa was also unsatisfied with the money outflows from their family budget,
    as Alexander began to make regular contributions to the religious organization.

    Finally, Raisa was outraged at her husband's refusal to enter an Orthodox church on the day of her father's funeral.

    Raisa, thinking that Alexander was not doing enough for the family, asked him to move into a separate room and live
    separately within the same apartment.

    Speaking to the court, Raisa Zemlyanskaya expressed deep regrets that "their 28-year marriage had such a sorrowful end."

    Commenting on the situation, spokesman for the Jehovah's Witnesses managing center Yaroslav Sivulsky said that it is true the
    religious organization's members do not celebrate holidays that are not included in the Bible.

    In addition, the Jehovah's Witnesses are confident that Christmas was originally associated with the Saturnalies, when the ancient
    Romans honored the God of the Sun. "When Roman traditions became connected with Christian ones, the Emperor Constantine,
    in an attempt not to hurt both parties, set December 25 as the day for Christmas celebrations," he said.

    The Jehovah's Witnesses are also confident that their life guidelines, which they consider acceptable for themselves and
    which sometimes run counter to popular traditions, in fact do not lead to family breakups. Head of the religious organization's
    center Vasily Kalin, citing data provided by the sociology faculty of Moscow State University, told the court that the divorce rate
    among the Jehovah's Witnesses' Moscow community stands at 4% to 5%, compared with the Moscow average of 30% to 40%.

    The lawsuit requiring the closure of the Jehovah's Witnesses' Moscow community was filed by the Moscow Prosecutor's Office.
    The Prosecutor's Office cited as key motives for the closure the fact that the organization's rules lead to family breakups and
    spread religious disputes.

    The Moscow Golovinsky Municipal Court, on February 23, 2001, rejected a lawsuit filed by the Prosecutor's Office of the
    Northern district to close the Jehovah's Witnesses' Moscow community and ban its operations.

    The Prosecutor's Office for the Northern District filed an appeal in the Moscow City Court, which conducted a hearing on May
    30, 2001, and sent the case for a new examination.

    This ruling by the Moscow City Court was appealed in the Russian Supreme Court, which is to issue a verdict on the case. ____________________________________________________________________

  • dungbeetle

    Last night another poster and I were chatting about this ridiculous DRIVEL we found on the Watchtower web site.

    Something about 30 to 40 percent of Russians have mental disorders and only about 2 percent of JW have mental dosorders. These results met some kind of professional standards becasue they were verifuablereproducible.


    To walk around WITH ALL SERIOUSNESS and say that EVERYBODY IS GOING TO DIE DIE DIE any day now EXCEPT ME IS a mental disorder.

    THAT'S veifiable and reproducible.

    Any JW that does that has a mental disorder. So since all JW's MUST do this--heehee including convicted child rapists--then mental illness runs 100% in teh JW community.

    NO ETHICAL mental health professional is even going to PRETEND that a healthy, well adjusted individual with good self esteem is EVER FOR ANY REASON gonna join a group of people that do that, let alone join in this despicable behavior.

    We're not talking about a group of young people wandering off into the countryside to live together and raise their own vegetables and have lots of free sex together, and then when someone gets tired of it they can leave and rejoin their families.

    We're talking about "Buy my books or my God will kill you".

    Just like in Nazi Germany with that horrendous "proclamation" the JW's circulated around which resulted --in and of itself--in the deaths of many JW's. (paraphrased)

    "Stop persecuting us or God will kill you and your Nazi Party".

    Well, guess what. GOD DID NEITHER. Hitler lived to a respectable age (for those times) and chose the time and manner of his demise (how few of us ever get that chance) and teh Nazi Party is alive and well.

    Two more prophecies not fulfilled.


  • Fredhall


    It sounds like you have a mental disorder yourself.

  • deddaisy

    what're you doing on this thread, don't you know there are DEMONS here

    OH SORRY, that's YOUR PICTURE.........

    mental illness and depression are very obvious in the WTS....
    if not upon entering, then upon exiting......

    a JW relative that was recently df'ed is now seeing a therapist, she can't deal with the newfound fact that everyone is actually going to die, combined with the fact that her "life-long" friends(?) and family will have nothing to do with her.

    anyway, her therapist says that she, the therapist, LOVES JW's because they KEEP HER IN BUSINESS!!!!

  • dungbeetle

    FredHall: thanks for the bttt and keep those 'cards and letters' coming.

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