Does Tithing at Church Count as a Charitable Donation?

by OrphanCrow 15 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • WTWizard

    About those green handshakes, if the total value adds up to more than 600 toilet papers within one tax year for one individual, you are REQUIRED to write a 1099 form and send it to the IRS. Now, suppose just one person did that. Give 601 toilet papers to one hounder-hounder and write up a 1099 form at the end of the tax year. They should be in for some embarrassment when they get their copy--just ensure you send the copy to the IRS at the same time.

    I wonder what the congregation would do about someone pulling that one.

  • brandnew

    Yeah, ummmm being told to donate " at least " a former amount ..OR MORE! ! is not a donation. They are charging the congregations.

    Charity board needs to see copys of this shit ! ! !

  • brandnew
    Oooh, maybe a copy of that letter to the BOE, needs to be sent to the charity commission, ya know?
  • blondie
    Having been married to an accounts servant for several years, many jws donate over $250 at a crack and get a receipt from the Society. They announce that at the assemblies/conventions at least once a day so people remember to get their receipts. That is the law in the US/IRS that is to get a receipt.
  • Wild_Thing
    The church that I frequent sends out statements at the end of each year that documents the dates and amounts of each donation you gave that year and the total for the entire year ... but only if you wrote a check. I suppose you could write your name on the envelope for any cash donations, but I never do.
  • talesin

    Canada - I haven't talked to them for a few years, but my parents would give the Corporation 12 post-dated cheques every year, and yes, it is tax-deductible and the "Society" would issue them the appropriate paperwork.


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