The "Criteria for truth" is finally met!!

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    Ok, not really...

    This is the answer that I received from

    Expert: Brother Rando
    Subject: The criteria for truth.
    Question: The criteria for "truth" was given throughout the 'GOD'S WORD IS TRUTH' District Convention. If one reviews the various audio recordings of the DC, this is the criteria given by the "Faithful Slave."


    1) God's word is the ultimate source of truth.

    2) Truth is the correct understanding of God's word.

    3) Jesus' words are truth.

    4) No "truth" can contradict another "truth." If there is a contradiction, only one can be true.

    5) Truth does not change. Truth remains truth. [ not so with men's ideas ]

    6) No probabilities or assumptions allowed. God's true prophets never prophesied in probabilities or assumptions. Exactly what they said came true.

    7) Truth is verifiable facts."

    [ note: some wording varies according to region.]

    Can you prove that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "truth" about any of their unique beliefs using the criteria provided by the Governing Body/FDS? Let's pick an easy one. Is God's name "JEHOVAH?"
    Answer: No thank you.

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    Maybe I should not have asked about YHWH?? So much for that "expert." The "Criteria for Tuth" may be exactly what we need to be sharing on all the JW sites. It seems that the honest ones begin to use their power of reason. Those who love to be "under law" make zero attempt to defend their beliefs. I guess the END is really, really, soon, and only a few of the Billions on the planet will gain life.



    Bumping. Check out his "answer." This is the great "witness" being given.


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