Aid to Bible Understanding (Spanish) PDF

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  • CloseTheDoor

    Aid to Bible Understanding (1971-1987 - Ayuda para entender la Biblia) in Spanish

    The use of the Aid book was discontinued by the Organization among English speaking Witnesses with the release of the two volumes of Insight on the Scriptures in 1987/1988. However, some language groups still use the Aid book.

    This is for anyone wishing to have the Spanish translation. ( BIG file )!MoEXzTDI!qZPe1jajxUcnWNJ_xngbpDMwIEd-jShcK2K4BBKpVNI

  • Belladonna75

    Hey there! Do you still have the pdf of this book avail? Im trying to acquire either the pdf or physical book for a presentation to try and save some friends. This is the last thing I need...but your link doesn't work anymore ;((

    If you still have it and its not too much trouble I would REALLY appreciate a new dl link....

    *fingers crossed*

  • Sektenkult

    sadly this file is not anymore in the internet, cant you upload it again?

  • smiddy3

    This poster was born in 1924 (close the door ) sorry to be so crass but maybe the door has closed now

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