Memorial compulsory for "respectful observers" ?

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  • sparrowdown

    Maybe I am ignorant but WHY WHY WHY pray tell

    If I am not jewish and not of the 144k why is it necessary (compulsory even) for me to attend the Memorial ?

    What is the scriptural precedent?

    I only ask because I dont see the point in going to a party where I am denied access to the buffet.

  • Jeffro

    They believe it is important to show 'respect' for the event regardless of whether the individuals are partakers. But beyond that, setting up the 'Memorial' as pseudo-'compulsory' is a mechanism intended to get 'weak' JWs 'back to meetings'.

  • wasblind

    Hello Sparrowdown, and welcome

    You made a very good point, in fact, that's the same " reasoning " the Jehovah's Witnesses used

    to condemn the celebration of Christmas



    " Illustration: Suppose a crowd come to a gentleman's home saying they are there to celebrate his Birthday........and they bring presents for everyone except him! "_____Reasoning book page 179



    Jehovah's Witnesses memorial is a rejection party of the Christ

    They reject the blood, the cross of salvation on which he died

    and refuse to witness in his name



  • Ding

    Everyone be sure to come and watch no one partake of anything.

  • LostGeneration

    Better yet, why observe something that Jesus said would only be necessary to observe until he returned?

    Tis been 100 years since he returned albeit invisibly, so why the big fuss???

  • wasblind

    That's right Ding

    You better brown Bag Your Own Bottle at that dinner party

    if you expect to drink


  • prologos

    it was not compulsory for the very first Christians, Peter in prison, it passed unnoticed as the passover.

  • Apognophos

    Well, I think the JW conception of the event is that it's primarily a memorial, and the emblems are an additional affair only for the anointed. For them it's primarily a reminder of Jesus' sacrifice, even though the covenant part of the original event is limited to the remnant. So I don't take issue with JWs attaching importance to their Memorial, although I agree that the whole two-hope thing that leads to most attenders not partaking is unscriptural.

    By the way, you new here, sparrowdown? Welcome.

  • rebel8

    For the same reason you go to someone else's wedding ceremony, I reckon.

  • wasblind

    Thier refusal to partake is like everything else they do

    to set them apart from Christendom



    That's why they call those who do partake " Mentally Diseased "


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