Why are do some people say I hope there not using an ipad on stage?

by Brother Mike 7 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Brother Mike
    Brother Mike

    I find it ridiculous when people say that about iPads, but not android tablets or kindles on stage. Especially since one third of our cong uses iPads at the meetings and on stage. It seems like they think apple tablets are pagan. Or maybe they think it's a showy display to use an apple product.

  • NewYork44M

    It is my understanding that iPads are demonized. My iPad can do things that are not possible without demonic intervention. That is probably the reason.

  • konceptual99

    There's nowt like a jealous JW. In my experience the Kingdom Hall is host to the biggest group of green jelly bags you will ever hope to find.

  • Simon

    Apple is an alternative cult that their followers could be drawn away to.

    Seriously, there are no new religious groups formed now - what we have instead is people that religiously follow and worship technology and the companies that produce it. Apple especially. It's like a religion.

  • Poztate

    I can see the battle lines being drawn up now between the Apple people and the Android people.

    Androids will sit on one side of the hall... Apple on the other.

    A BLACKBERRY TABLET.. Well it's off to the cry room for you..

  • jamclark

    Simply a modesty thing. An eReader is more than sufficient for literature (reading and singing). If more power is needed, then a simple Android-based tablet (I guess for editing and marking files). The iPad 2 is far too expensive, both as a brand name and for what is necessary at meetings.

    Using an Apple iPad 2 is showing off and would stumble others (that have less means) since one could be pride-like in using it. That and "If they could afford an iPad 2 they can afford better clothes or more $$ in the collection box." Now getting a good deal on an iPad (1) show good sense.

  • jgnat

    BUT a discerning householder will pay no card to a presenter using a no-name eReader. So the savvy pioneer will invest in an iPad for field service and an unassuming eReader for use at the Hall.

    Rumor has it that McKenna Bookcovers is coming out with an iPad cover. Gotta keep up with the times.

  • Jen1

    At our hall its a status thing.

    Its creating a them and us attitude.

    Them that have them that dont.

    No one cares about stumbling others.

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