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  • Terry

    How will the Watch Tower society move forward in this technological age where proof abounds of all the lies, flip-flops,

    false prophecy, scandals and feckless theology which can be placed right before the eyes of everyone?

    Watch this video and apply the same principle:

  • sspo

    Sad to say the 99% of JW's will buy into their denial. They will protect, defend and stick up for the GB lies. Don't forget Prov. 4 :18 "NEW LIGHT", it works all the time.

  • Gayle

    nausiously, that's the way it is! And that's the way the GB are that shameless.

  • adamah


    I love how she shakes her head at 1:27, as if the congitive-dissonance suppression techniques are kicking back in with a fierce vengeance and she stands there looking at the made-up bed as if she starts to question her own sanity, questioning if what she saw was what she actually saw....

    I believe another poster will be along shortly to point out how this a dramatic example of 'ambient abuse', or 'gaslighting' someone, named for the Charles Boyet film, "Gaslight" (released in 1944) where a wife was driven to madness after others repeatedly engaged in such methods.

    Steely Dan wrote a great tune called "gaslighting abbie", inspired by the movie, where a couple having an affair is trying to force the wife (Abbie) to go mad.

    Here's the lyrics:

    One plush summer you come to me ripe and ready
    And bad through and through
    With that deep mystical soul synergy pumping steady
    Between me and you
    Lovin' all the beautiful work we've done, cara mia
    And it's barely July
    If we keep on boppin' until Labor Day
    Li'l miz Abbie - bye bye

    What will it be - some soothing herb tea?
    That might be just the thing
    Let's say we spike it with Deludin
    Or else - maybe tonight a hand of solitaire

    Flame is the game
    The game we call gaslighting Abbie
    It's a luscious invention for three
    One summer by the sea

    With the long weekend that's comin' up fast
    Let's get busy
    There's just too much to do
    That black mini looks just like the one she's been missin'
    Feels good on you
    There's a few items we need in town - allez-vous girl
    There's no time to waste
    Such as fresh cable and fifteen watt bulbs
    Couple dozen - it's a big old place
    Let's keep it light - we'll do a fright night
    With blood and everything
    Some punky laughter from the kitchen
    And then - a nice relaxing hand of solitaire


    You can choose the music
    I'll set up my gear
    Later on we'll chill and watch the fireworks from here

    How can you knock this mighty spitelock
    Check out the work itself
    A mix of elegance and function
    That's right - a tweak or two and then she's out of here


  • Finkelstein

    The WTS heads still think they have a great marketing scheme in propagating the end of the world.

    Since they have a stringently controlled governorship over its members as to their behavior and what they

    say toward doctrines, they hold that as an actual means to hold on to the structure of the organization.

    Bullshit wrapped around a ribbon of religiosity is still commercialy viable in the public domain.

    The WTS. and its history unquestionably proves that.

  • Syme

    Darn, although supposedly comic , the last seconds of the clip really gave me the shivers.

  • Terry

    I have heard JW's repeat verbatim something impossible which has been told to them and even they can't possibly believe is true.

    The programming is amazing!

    What passes for opinion, too, is often regurgitated from another source.

    Where are the real thinkers, analysts and benign skeptics who search (as did the Boreans) to see if it is so?


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