Any one out there wanting to get together?????

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  • ellaella


    New to this site. Was wondering in Southwest area of US is there any one that would know of way to get-to-gether w/ ones possibly I knew all in growing up lets say in Callifornia or Nevada from the 1970s to present? I would love to see if any one else was able to leave because of all that was found out about this organization. Thank you EllaElla

  • flipper

    Welcome! In July every year we have an "Apostafest" at Lake Tahoe - most camp out but some stay in motels.

    Lots of people from the west, southwest, also some from Chicago, Indiana, other points east. It is a really nice time for 2 or 3 days.

    PM for more info, also Flipper has a threat going about it. Mrs. Flipper

  • flipper
    ELLAELLA- Welcome to the board indeed ! As my wife stated we WILL be having a get together at South Lake Tahoe July 10th to 12th this year so we hope you can come visit ! Should be about 40 to 45 people there for a couple days BBQing, eating, swimming, playing music, hiking, whatever you like ! Just PM me and I'll give you the exact location if you'd like to come ! Take care, hope you can make it ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper
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    Village Idiot

    Hi ellaella, welcome to the club. Tell us more about yourself.

    I sent you a PM (private message). Just clink on the top bar on the letter thingy.

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