Children getting publisher status or getting baptised

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  • Apostating

    I live in Holland and my children are 5 and 7 years old and live with their jw mom.

    Today i was pondering what legal rights i have as a parent regarding the status of my under age children within this religion.

    What would happen if i was to send a registered letter to the branch and congregation, that as long as my children are under age they cannot be publishers or get baptised. And if they are there will be legal consequences.

    Does anybody have any thoughts on this? And what effect would this would have?

  • Listener
  • blondie

    I would recommend contacting a legal person/lawyer who specializes in child custody issues in Holland. Whatever advice is on here has pertained to other countries which might help if forming your wishes or goals.

  • Elijehovah

    The way to win such a legal battle is not to question the right of your child to have religious beliefs, or vow himself, or baptize himself etc (Catholics get baptized at birth, so the law includes ALL religions). The question which needs to be brought out legally to Amish, Menonites, Mormons, and JWs is the result of shunning a minor due to this baptism that does not occur to that level if not baptized nor a member. Then you would get results, because it is PUBLIC abuse to a minor, by the PUBLIC, the church.

  • steve2

    Oh, we know how to make children absolutely want something: Tell them they absolutely cannot have it and forbid their (custodial) parent from providing it. Beware of unintentionally increasing the value of rebeling against your rules.

  • Elijehovah

    The church cannot abuse a child for laws that the government protect a child from. If the government protects children under 18 or 16 or 14 from sex by adults, then that church has no business making the guilty adult the person protected instead of the child. TRUE the Maclaine-Hepburn movie The Children's Hour is about Children accusing two teachers of being lesbian until one questions her feelings and commits suicide, implying the damage a child can do to an adult by lying, but that doesnt mean adults are liars /children are not, or children are liars /adults are not. And we have a rotten court system in the USA whose attorneys get on TV and say both are always liars and that the judge and/or jury sees the 50-50. The point however, is that a child of 12 in america is not jailed for the sex a 14 year old had with them, or jailed because that child says someone 40 touched them. So if the church symbolily jails them, they have taken action against a child that the state protects. In such a case Jehovah is using the government to protect the child, he is not using that church. It says obey superior authorities WHO PROTECT YOU. This doesnt mean obay anything everything governments force you to do, it means government exists because it claims to CARE for the people, keeping them intact. So if the church protects the child and the government does not, then Jehovah is with the church. But if the government protects that child, and the church does not, then jehovah is with that government. This should answer how and when we should present our case as parents. The BIBLE DOES NOT teach that: Church is always right, government always wrong. The concept of not going to nation courts presumes if church is good, and courts are bad. But if the church is bad, let it be known that the temple of Jehovah was built by king Darius thru court letters sent to him signed long ago by king Cyrus, both pagan kings whose words are now written down as if they are Jehovah God's words.

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