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  • mind blown
  • Phizzy

    The WT needs to maintain the fiction that every $ that comes in is spent on the worldwide work, which is not worlsdwide actually.

    They can then keep asking for more funds.

    If the R&F knew of the huge funds they have stashed away, how many would say to themselves, "I am personally in need here, they can well afford to spend some, if not all of those funds, why should I donate more ?"

    It may seep through to the controlled brain of the R&F JW that all the recent years of soliciting of funds was a SCAM, they had enough anyway !

    Of course it is a touchy subject !

  • AlphaMan

    Like when I was a young, dumb motivated believer. We were sharing a KH with another cong. and the elders & their wifes wanted to build a new one in our community. The annoucements of how much money we were getting as a cong. was pathetic. I took everything I had in savings and donated it. We did eventually build a new KH. As I later got to know the elders better, it was disheartening to see how well off they were and how easily they could have afforded to give more. They knew the scam and I didn't. Now....I've been out for a very long time, am very well off and those twits are old and right back in the same cong. with those others twits, because so many people have left this family destroying joke of a religion they could not longer support that cong. I'm sure the Watchtower ended up with the money from the sale of the KH.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Since the time that the Bernie Madoff scandal really hit the news, I have wondered how much money Bernie stole from the Watchtower and highly-placed rich JWs.

    I have no evidence of any sort, but rats are often found in the company of other rats.

    We will probably never know unless a WTB&TS accountant goes apostate and decides to copy some files.

    Nevertheless, I find this thought comforting as I drift off to sleep.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Yes, Phizzy! If the RnF really knew how much money the WTS had.....I'm sure there would be a massive exit. Really, what on earth are they doing with all that money? Well, except paying ofF Pedo Crimes. Most things they get are handed to them, JW's volunteering for everything to assist with WTS needs. Congregations pay their own bills, lease and literature. I would think properties are paying leases by other properties. When I think about al the TAX FREE MONEY they're making by begging off everyone?!

    AlphaMan, oh my goodness! THOSE BASTARDS!!! I'm sorry you had to find out after the fact, but I am glad you're now in a better place!

    Nathan, do you think if that was the case, the WTS would be able to use that as a Tax loss? They're doing a lot of investing in the U.K. if you'll notice where these hedge fund conventions are, and they're also involved with U.K. investment complanies.....

  • Phizzy

    Good point MB, if they really operated like they pretend, donations in being spent straight away on the WW "Work", they might need a place for a small amount of working capital, and a small emergency fund, but nothing that would interest those big funds.

    The mere fact that they attend such functions and cozy up to big Fund Managers means they have a huge amount to invest. Why ?

  • factfinder

    They seem to cut back on the printing budget each year. What do they do with the extra money?

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